Troncones Tuesday

January 29, 2019

3:00 am alarm – check.

Two taped and tagged boxes of six bottles each Washington State wine ready to go – check

Two carry-ons with vacation/warm weather wear – check

Backpack of finger puppets, licorice, CBD chews, Fran’s chocolates, vacuum packed Billfish baked chocolate chip cookies, Chex Party Mix, and rosemary pesto pine nuts- all to handout to our Zihua friends – check

Duffel of Amazon delivered camera gear for buddy, Wil – check

MCT oil, salami and butter for Keto – check

Airport ride from Soni at 3:45 – check

Pheeww!! Made it to the airport for our 6:00 am flight to Zihuatanejo via Los Angeles by 4:30!! A.M.!!!! We disembarked in LA and walked immediately onto our connecting flight and 3 1/2 hours later – AAAAAHHHHHH The intoxicating, tropical, alluring atmosphere of Mexico drew us in off the tarmac at once and Welcomed Us HOME!!

An hour later our taxi deposited us without fanfare at the doorstep of The Inn at Manzanillo Bay – and into the welcoming arms of Belem, Manager and Dear Friend! We are thrilled to have another February in Mexico commencing in Troncones, thrusting us immediately into a serenity born of paradise – or at least that is what it has come to mean for us.

Troncones is a tiny, semi surf village (easy waves attracting beginner and intermediate boarders) forty minutes north of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo which we discovered about six years ago. The Inn has eight beautifully appointed casitas – all surf facing, a divine onsite pool nestled into the vortex, beachfront tables right on the bay and an excellent restaurant and bar featuring their own Big Boy label tequila and scrumptious signature dishes as well as smoothies in the morning. We entered room #8 (my favorite number) with a “Welcome Back” greeting of flower petals on our bed! We unloaded and hung our gear, basking in the toasty heat and the realization that here we were yet again – our Happy Place! We ambled leisurely along the beach and over craggy rocks, watching the pelicans fly in seamless formation overhead. We strolled and breathed in the calming sea air and contentedly returned to our home base for a necessary application of moisturizer- and after sprucing up a bit, on to dinner. img_0438We had a keto friendly tequila tasting, Crown Rocks cocktail and a dish we both couldn’t wait to enjoy again, salivating since last year for the chance – double cut pork chops in tequila glaze and shitake mushrooms with a double side of delicious veggies for me and the vegetables plus mashed potatoes for Mr. Denman, followed by a double chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream for the certain someone else and you-know-who and it wasn’t me!!!

Making our way the short distance back to Casita #8 and gazing at the star studded sky, one could not help but feel insignificant- and special at the same time! Buenos Noches!

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