Make it Happen!

January 30, 2019

We drew out our awakening this morning (aka “slept in”) and even though we are retired, it was pure luxury – stretching limb by limb and slowly opening one eye and then the other, ocean waves crashing their serenade just outside our door… img_4757I am (philosophically) prepared for the challenge to stay on my newly started keto diet while on vacation, and I am giving it a good go for now. From home I brought my little blender, organic grass fed butter, and some MCT oil. Thus, armed with those supplies and the coffee on premises, I was able to make my “bulletproof coffee” and enjoyed the heck out of it (truly, No Lie, I Did!) while Bill likewise delighted in his huevos rancheros. And, we were able to catch up with Belem’s husband, Wil, while chipping away at our morning in friendly conversation.

Then we let our feet whisk us a mile north beachside to the tiny fishing community of Majahua, waves on our left and the mountains to the right. Temperatures here are perfect at 88 degrees Fahrenheit, though the humidity will take a little getting used to.

Our mission-meeting friends Dallas and Bob, a super fun and engaging couple we met in Zihuatanejo in 2016. At the time they lived in Laguna Beach California, but have sold that home and now live in Montana. They also sold another premises last year and envision themselves HERE when the snow piles up in wintertime. We have observed construction of new condominiums by local beloved architect, Enrique Zozaya, over the last couple of visits – And darn if Bob and Dallas didn’t have their sights set on buying one! Without getting into too many details, the pricing is reasonable, the amenities amazing and the view is unbeatable, jaw-dropping and serene! They invited us to meet them there and so we soaked up the sun and tranquil setting while they sealed the deal – and made it happen!

They joined us for an ahi tuna and shrimp lunch back at the Inn at Manzanilla Bay and we solidified our “date” for Super Bowl viewing at La Perla on La Ropa Beach this Sunday back in Zihuatanejo proper when we change residence and where they have been unwinding the last month. They let us know that their schedule has been grueling with massages, salsa dancing, fishing, pool time and the many dining options. Right! Make it happen! img_4755After our refreshing siesta we regrouped with Belem and Wil for a steak dinner we always look forward to at Roberto’s in town followed by Wednesday night dancing by us vintage sorts to “classic rock”. img_0491And yes, sometimes even relaxing and milking every last bit of joy out of a day takes making it happen! img_0457

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