Getting Back In The Groove

May 16 & 17

I am getting back in the groove at home. MY groove. After an amazing and lengthy time away in Portugal and Spain. That phrase is one I have used many times without much thought yet just now it is striking a new chord. A groove is a channel, a trench, perhaps a rut even! It’s well worn and guiding, as in a fixed routine. But according to, it also means to be in top form, an enjoyable or exciting experience and a pronounced, enjoyable rhythm. And what shouts out to me right now is “groovy”!! Indeed! What a motivating perspective from which to view my life, my groove, my “enjoyable rhythm”!!

I am certainly still on a high from the myriad of physical challenges, cultural encounters, sightseeing experiences, living history lessons, beauty beheld, traveling logistics addressed and accomplished. As well as having precious time with myself and then double the pleasure when Hubby decided to join in for the last ten days of my adventure!! Honestly, I came back to one of the most beautiful places on the planet which I call home (my groove) to fabulous weather and to blooming color wherever my eyes settle!




And though I truly miss my massage therapy practice, my clients, making a difference in people’s lives, having a clear purpose and the continual learning I experienced with conversations shared during my work day – it’s pretty darn Groovy to be retired and having a “pronounced, enjoyable rhythm”!! YabbaDabbaDoo!! And Bob’s Your Uncle I be makin’ the most of dem apples!


So I’m back in the gym. I’m planning my next trip. I’m listening to music and podcasts, reading, reaching out to family and friends, praying and communing with my Heavenly Father. And, I’m walking, walking, walking.

When they built the new 520 bridge across Lake Washington into Seattle to include a dedicated pedestrian lane, I set a goal to walk to a Seattle Mariner’s baseball game, thirteen miles from my home. I came extremely close to it on Thursday.

I actually parked at the South Kirkland Park & Ride two miles from my condo where I am meeting a friend Saturday to join a 6 1/2 mile organized walk (of Camino pilgrims, or wannabe pilgrims) at the University of Washington Horticultural Center. I was doing recognizance to see how long it would take to walk over the bridge to the meeting point as an option.  It took  2 1/2 hours and I covered 7 1/2 miles, according to my Map My Walk app.



THEN I walked from there in the direction of Safeco Field for the day game we had tickets for.  My Other Half came by when I was on 14th and Madison so I didn’t quite get to the stadium but given the extra mileage to UW Horticultural Center, I feel like it was probably pretty close to walking all the way from home.  It ended up being 11 1/2 miles, 3 1/2 hours.  I am a Crazy (and Happy) Walking Fool!!! I was Really, REALLY sore on Friday! That surprised me given all the walking I’ve been doing these past months but maybe it was the addition of planks, pull-ups and push ups…

More Grooviness on Friday had us visiting friends at their family beachfront home in the beautiful port town of Anacortes, dining at a Spanish restaurant new to us, “Pintxo” and then having a heck of a good time listening to one of our favorite local performers, Robbie Christmas, at a very intimate and historical Seattle venue, The Jewelbox Theatre at the Rendezvous. I almost forgot how sore I was…




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