Home Sweet Home

May 15, 2018 img_2412

I put my Solomon hiking shoes on again Monday after a hiatus of two days – and what a glorious spectacular day in the neighborhood it was!!! My neighborhood!! The Amazingly, Breathtaking and Beautiful, Awe inspiring Pacific Northwest!!

In April and the first part of May I wandered the northern countryside of Spain on my way to the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. I stepped, stood and stared at the still standing testimonies to the history, genius and livelihood of peoples who inhabited southern and western Spain centuries ago, giving me goosebumps and smiles all the while. I cried during Flamenco performances and thanked and praised God for these opportunities and blessings.

Yet Man-o Man am I thrilled to call Washington State my home!! I cherish every minute and memory, the flora, fauna and vistas as well as the glimpses into cultures and customs other than my own. I must be honest though, other than the ancient architecture (and maybe the streamlined airport methodology and transportation efficiencies in general!), there is no competition in my my mind to the beauty, recreational opportunities and culinary excellence I have the good fortune to experience right here in my backyard!!!

Can I get a witness??!!?

And oh yeah, I kicked butt at the gym yesterday and today! Sometimes in our day to day lives it’s easy to lose sight of how Great it is to be alive, here and now. I truly appreciate the opportunity to make each day a good one. How about you?!? img_9580

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