Groovin’, on a Sunday Afternoon

June 5, 2018

Yeah, and today is Monday…  That groove I was talking about getting back into and sounding all so excited about – well, it ended up being more like the grooves in my LP  records of old (or vinyl as the “hipsters” call them today).  Not as in a depression or a rut such as the needle would go into, but as in going round and round and round and round…

I did get back to the gym – for two days…  I managed to be disciplined enough to keep up with my squats, pushups, leg lifts and a dumbbell arm routine at home, but just could not convey myself to the workout facility at a time early enough to avoid a trainer who really annoys me.  That last lame excuse plus several others combined to result in some wheel spinning at home – getting bits and pieces of future trip research done, appointment calls made (but not all of them) and some outings with friends planned, but a lot of what felt like aimless misdirection.  In reflection, I see how truly important starting my day off with a challenging workout sets the tone for the kind of day I enjoy most – productive!! img_4297

However, also as I reflect, I find that I wasn’t as directionless as I felt and I really did get a lot done and created adventure in my “own backyard”!  In the last two weeks I have been to two Mariner baseball games as a Little League volunteer and one with my hubby (which I walked 12 miles to attend!).  I even caught an official Major League baseball thrown up to me by ace pitcher, Felix Hernandez!!

I have enjoyed three fabulous “special” meals – one with neighbors on our dock (long overdue), another a winemaker’s dinner at Maslow’s Restaurant in Seattle, a participant in the “Fare Start” program that gives individuals who have had employment challenges culinary skills taught by local top chefs as well as helps them to develop social and life skills, plus dinner with our visiting daughter and her boyfriend from San Francisco and our Seattle residing son for an early celebration of Hubby Bill’s birthday at the Amazing Goldfinch Tavern in the Seattle Four Seasons hotel!

I met with my financial advisor, got new trekking shoes (for my next Big Adventure) – one of only 3 left in the entire REI system as they have been discontinued, and, had a wonderful and much needed massage – only my third of the year!  I made cookies for and attended a memorial for the husband of one of my Bible Study girlfriends – a man I had not met but who died too soon and was obviously well loved and will be missed.  I was able to walk with three dear friends and overall put in 61 miles on foot in these past two weeks!  I went to an open house at my naturopathic doctor’s office and won a very cool facial treatment and I also enjoyed some jazz in church!!

Regarding the latter, I discovered a Very Cool program at Seattle First Baptist church, “Seattle Jazz Vespers”! This historic church, built in 1910, is gorgeous (with a vintage Aeolian-Skinner organ), of the Gothic architectural style and the concert is hosted in their sanctuary. Seattle Jazz Vespers is free to the public on the first Sunday of each month at 6:00 pm, October through June – so I caught the last one (of their 16th season!) I sought it out for the performance of the Paula Byrne Quartet from Portland and the whole experience was Fabulous!!  I had previously attended a dance retreat put on by Paula before she embarked upon the singing phase of sharing her talents.

People lately have been saying that I look happy and that I glow and that I look healthy and relaxed.  Well, okay, being retired before the age of 65 contributes to all of that and certainly exercising and “vacationing” go along way towards those attributes, too.

I have also been getting a lot of, “you sure live a charmed life” and “you’re so lucky” and “wow, what a life you lead” and “I wish I could have your life”, and other such comments.  And I agree – honestly I do.  I am grateful, I love my life and treasure my opportunities,  I know that I am fortunate and maybe even “lucky” at times.  And I even feel a lot of guilt around it – that I have so much when many folks that I love struggle relentlessly.

I must also admit, however, that I really bristle at those words and find myself feeling defensive.  Even back when I was in high school I had adopted an attitude of taking action to make things happen and have had the motto that “you write your own script”.  I know that luck comes along, but what’s that adage – luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity?  We all make decisions, good and bad, that direct the course of our lives.  I have of course made many of both.  I personally feel that owning both sides of that equation and being willing to learn and move forward helps me to be prepared to capitalize on opportunities as they come along.  And sometimes I don’t jump on them, but often a seed is planted and I find myself keeping my ears, eyes and mind open to perhaps making it happen in the future.  I feel like the blogging that I am doing might be coming off as bragging.  Yet I am sincerely trying to share ideas and motivation so that maybe even a single individual might be inspired to try something new, to go outside their comfort zone and to have confidence in themselves – to realize that attempts may not be perfect yet they can still propel one forward.  Life is so fun and there is so much out there to enjoy!!  The bottom line is that one just has to execute.  Yes, some of it comes at a financial investment, yet truly, there are so many adventures there for the taking that don’t cost a dime – just some courage and time!

I received an email from a special woman I have not seen in several years and I hope to change that soon.  She said, “What a wonderful life you have created Robbi. I’m so happy for you! Life is full. Enjoy every day.”  I so appreciated her taking the time to share those sentiments with me.  I plan to continue living up to them. img_4063-1

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