Strolling Seville 

Well, I did my usual – I set out early with destinations in mind, got lost – and then found, as landmarks came together and my surroundings began to make sense and fall in to place…!! I still have one more day here in Seville, so as is par for the course, I will totally know my way around just as it’s time to move on!!

Here’s a run down of where I’ve been this day (again – because I wandered around these very same significant sights yesterday, too… My ripple was a bit farther reaching on this Cinco de Mayo, however, and I take pride in admitting so)!!

Alcázar, a Grand palace-technically the oldest European royal resident still in use. “The Catholic Monarchs”, Ferdinand (Fernando) and Isabella (Isabel) once lived here.

Palacio Gótico (built in the 13th century) & Palacio Mudéjar (built in the 14th century). Fernando and Isabel welcomed Columbus here on his return from America.

Catedral de Sevilla & La Giralda (latter is the bell tower) – The largest Gothic building in the world and the third largest church in Europe, after Saint Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London. The stated goal at the 1400’s beginning of construction, so that “those who come after us will take us for mad men”. It took 120 years to complete. Just inside one portal, the tomb of Columbus is held by four carved pall-bearers.

And once again, I passed by many a festively dressed flamenco dancer, several courtly, horse drawn carriages, a thousand shoe stores, and ten times the latter cigarette smokers! Lordy, EVERYONE in Spain smokes – all the time, EVERYWHERE – including before, during and after meals (mine included). Do these people not realize that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer?!??! Unfortunately, it is beyond a judgment situation for me, as I get a terrible headache and I am really kind of tired of having an ongoing one. And if I die from secondhand smoke induced lung cancer, I am totally blaming Spain!!

  • I have been grateful that since my Camino shifted to the sightseeing phase, my lodging has found me in the heart of the historical corridors. A tremendous grande gracias to Billfish Denman for this super bueno fortune!

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