Man, I am not complaining, but I am tired!!!

  • Sooo – I arrived in Seville via fast train this morning, observing lovely countryside along the way.  My hotel is awesome and is in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.  I walked “around the block” a couple of hours ago and there are so many amazing and massive historical buildings right near me!!! I have been amazed in every place I’ve been, but here I have found myself going “OMG” and and had my jaw-dropping open so many times…! I really couldn’t even capture the magnitude and grandeur of the buildings with my camera (plus lighting was tough).  More teeny, tiny, narrow and confusing alleyways to get lost in (and I did)  And flamenco seems to be a big deal here! I’ve seen many groups of women and girls walking around in their fancy dresses!  I cannot even tell you all of the buildings that I saw yet, as I barely have my bearings…  And, I am so tired, this is my post for the day and the rest is just pictures!


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