Labor Day in Salamanca

There must have been a Trillion people today in Salamanca!! – A TRILLION!!  I got up early & went to the train station, but once I got back, it was like some world event was happening here! The voices of the crowds combined to create a dull roar that seemed epic!  

I started off going to the train station, which I tried to do yesterday but got lost… I prayed the entire way that someone there might speak English, because in my over several hundred experiences this trip, 99% of the time no one has been able to speak even an iota of English.  I tried to book a trip online but it was very complicated as the place I’m going to doesn’t seem to be very straightforward. It seemed to require trains and buses and walking.

God answered my prayers (in just getting me to the station today since I got lost yesterday!), and though the woman thought she spoke very little English, it was enough to help me get my train ticket which involved two different stations and an in between train as well.  

When I returned, I walked down to the Roman bridge that I had seen on the map. It’s quite amazing to think how old this community is! I walked across the bridge and continued to walk out on a bike/walking trail that took me into the university district several miles.  It was a gorgeous day, and a wonderful way to stretch my legs! It’s hard to believe that every day that I walked the Camino, my legs felt awesome (once my feet got conditioned), but in the last three days after completing the Camino, my hip flexors have really felt confining!  And, I had hoped to go to the many cathedrals, but the crowds were incredible!! I mean, 300 people pouring in and out of each door!  I do not like crowds, so it was very hard to stay motivated to try to see these once-in-a-lifetime opportunity locations. I have to say though, that we saw so many amazing cathedrals along our Camino, more dramatic than words can even express, that maybe I’m a little jaundiced…

  •  There was quite a Labor Day parade over at the Plaza Mayor around lunchtime this afternoon, and overall, the masses seem to be really enjoying their weekend!

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  1. I finally was able to read all your blog posts. What an incredible journey. I was wondering what your thoughts are on having done this on your own (without Bill) and how you think it will be different when the two of you do it together next year?

  2. I missed Bill tremendously all throughout my walk! I know we would have interacted well together,m and been on the same page much of the time. As it was, I was not on the same page with the group I belonged to hardly at all. It was very taxing for me, and I really am curious as to what my own personal “Camino”would’ve been like had I not been attached to the group.

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