Enjoying Salamanca

  1. Salamanca is a beautiful city with ancient buildings and a fascinating history. It was established as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. Many powers have held the helm over the centuries and their influence abounds. The Playa Mayor is said to be one of the most beautiful in Spain and was under construction (in the Baroque style) from 1729 to 1755.

The University here (the oldest in Spain) has attracted scholars from all over the world for its canon and civil law, including Christopher Columbus who lectured on his discoveries. It was established in 1134 and was declared the first “university” in 1254

I am fortunate to be in old town only blocks from the Plaza Mayor, in the midst of the historical buildings and surrounded by cafes, including one playing enjoyable live music right across the street! It is another holiday weekend, May 1st being Labor Day and so it is Fiesta time! Add to that the college vibe and I am in the center of where it’s all Happening!!!

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