Day 26 – Seeing Spain as a Tourist, Part Two

Today was bittersweet. I woke up alone – well, not really – I still had 5 other people in my room, and I still had to tiptoe out with my backpack and get ready in the dark – but all of my mates from the past two weeks plus have moved on.

I made my way to the bus station (felt good to put my backpack on again) and boarded at 10:30 for a seven hour cruise to Salamanca. I thus had occasion to mentally revisit many of the towns we had walked through by seeing signs or portions from the bus. Several times I even saw our actual route, and in fact, travelled on the very highway of our second long day during which most of us ended up with blisters – the scene of the crime, as it were!! I had smiles and tears as my memories flooded in.

IMG_6356It is difficult for unknown reasons moving forward into this sightseeing phase of the last part of my trip. I had five unscheduled nights before the reserved dates come up starting 5/2 for the last part of my trip. I was hoping to walk further but no one wanted to join me and I didn’t want to go alone. So, I stayed an extra two nights in Santiago de Compostela and added three in Salamanca, given recommendations from Ryan and Mitzi who both stayed here before our Camino. It will be nice to have a room and shower to myself (I have been in bunk rooms since 4/10).

I guess it’s another holiday weekend with May 1st being Labor Day. Add to that Salamanca is a University town and I can assure you – it is “Happening” around here!!! Live bands and much group singing in the streets! People of all ages are dressed up and roaming! I think it’s going to be a loud night – a bit different than our early lights out Camino evenings!

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