What Day is it – Seriously, I Can’t Remember

Day 25 – I am so overwhelmed  with feelings of gratitude-appreciation-thanks-amazement and the awe!!!! That I am here in Spain, have been in this beautiful country now for a few weeks and that I have experienced so many facets of its offerings! And yet I will be here longer and will enjoy, discover and realize even more of which I am sure will ultimately be “the tip of the iceberg”. Many have asked, “why?” – wondering what I am seeking and surely now, did I find it? At this point I am still swimming with emotions and pondering disconnected layers of stimuli and input. Even with all of my solo hours of walking I have yet to put it all together.

At this point it is very clear that I am one fortunate and privileged woman and believe me, I don’t for one moment take that for granted. And a part of walking that talk is to sieze opportunities and live them. And to give thanks. I am grateful to all in my life who have and continue to support me with their love, prayers, actions and positive energy. I am thankful to God and give him all the Glory and I love how the Holy Spirit is (slowly) transforming me. I love Jesus and am beyond grateful for his advocacy on my behalf. I am amazed at all of the beautiful and big hearted people that continue to fill my life and though I often feel tired and “old” (especially when I look in the mirror) I mostly feel vibrant, “young”, enthusiastic, energized and excited for the life ahead of me!!IMG_7252.JPG

Yet much of my solo trekking was dedicated to prayer – for those I love, those I count as friends, my many associates- and the several layers rippling out to humanity at large. For abundance, for healing, for comfort and love. I pray for their Salvation, for direction and uplifting hope. I pray for what I don’t know to pray for – Romans 8:26, New International Version
“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans”.  And, as the Botafumeiro ceremony in the cathedral represents (at least to me), “May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.Psalms 141:2, (New International Version).

IMG_7170I was hoping to arrive in Santiago de Compostela with a personal “purpose” going forward, or MORE of a purpose – or PART of a purpose- yet I remain confused. I try to share in my good fortune as best I can, yet I feel sure there is more I must do, can do – ways I can effect change. Ummm – stay tuned…????

I enjoyed A leisurely morning at Roots and Boots, and then walked Mitzi to the bus station, which was a great way for me to do an run through for my own journey tomorrow as I head to Salamanca via bus. It was a bit over a mile there and honestly, it felt great to have my backpack on again!! It turns out that we were swimming upstream of the Perigrinos who were coming in from the Frances route (more tears).

Ryan had booked his Airbnb through Saturday morning, but had to leave early this morning, so he was very generous in allowing me to spend this last night here in Santiago at the Airbnb in a very cool location! I had an amazing shower, and was able to unpack my backpack and re-organize in an unobstructed way! The freedom is palpable! Then I headed out for some supplies. Luckily I came back to drop off some items as Ryan apparently had the dates wrong & they needed me to check out!!! I made my way back to Roots and Boots and fortunately they had room for me for another night!!!

The wind has quit blowing and the sun continues to stream – its pretty enjoyable to sit in this courtyard and just be!!


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