Day 10 – And the sun keeps on shining!!!

Today was another necessarily rerouted day of 15 1/4 miles, and my feet challenged me at day break, after our mid walk stop and in the last half hour, but more digging deep and the support of commiserating comrades got me through.  And it was a lovely walk through serene countryside.

After our cafe con leche and boccadillo stop  in Bercianos de Valverde we trekked onward arriving at Casa Anita Albergue in Santa Croya de Tera with plenty of time to relax before our 7:00 menu’ de peregrino!


2 responses to “Day 10 – And the sun keeps on shining!!!”

  1. Enjoy vino tino and cafe con leche. Important to stay hydrated! Hope your feel are mending. Buen Camino. Love, Di

    1. Hmm – you may get this twice… my feet by the end of yesterday’s walk were so much better & I am greatly uplifted! Going to be a great day 4!! Good advice and our two stops yesterday & wonderful dinner with mas vino tinto were muy bueno!!

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