Day 9, Oh No – BLISTERS!

Today we left Montamarta and our fun friends from Korea, China, Italy and France at 6:30 a.m. in darkness. Last night’s full moon was still high enough to light our way and we saw a beautiful sunrise. We had to remap our route based on the lack of availability of enough beds for our group of eight and unfortunately, what made the most sense of the few options we had was to walk the entire 17.2 miles to Tabara on the highway – 6 1/2 hours (straight) of cars and trucks passing uncomfortably close!   I chose not to join the others at the bar break as I was afraid that if I stopped I would never get going again! At some points the surroundings were very bucolic but much of it was not. I entertained myself for at least one of the four hours that I walked solo by singing songs from my Campfire Girls days past!

Once the town was visible, it became a taunting oasis that seemed to never draw closer! When finally we arrived, we had yet another uphill kilometer to our albergue, which seemed like much more the way my feet, and legs felt.  I admit, I shouted my frustration and cried a little, too.

Our wonderful hospitalero greeted us at the gate with a handshake, took off our backpacks, poured cups of water, had us sit to be “tranquilo” and stamped our credencials! Then came a shower and blister surgery for four of us. I was up on my high horse with my darling hubby on this subject, too – sure that with my training and the breaking in of foot ware that I would not face this fate.  I get to eat my words now.  I hope I can walk tomorrow…

One of our French friends showed up, but the seven others are new to us from Germany, Poland, Spain and another from France. Our talented hospitalero (and published, 5 books on art, the Camino and poetry)
prepared an Amazing dinner of pasta/bean/green pea soup, paella with blood sausage, dessert, wine & spirits for us ALL!!  And will also make us breakfast!!! What a wonderful time we had in community!! This is all so moving!!

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  1. Blister surgery!!! AHHHHH! Get em!

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