Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

August 10, 2021

We walked from Parga through Bandoneed, Santo Leocadia, Laguna, Miraz, Pontella and Brana. That is when we had to segue off the Camino. It was 6 miles instead of the anticipated 3 and we were all spent… Then it was from Portocelo, Aldea de Arriba to Samede, Nodar and Regüela. For a total of 7 miles.

As for our Tuesday travels today was same, same but different. We walked through forests of eucalyptus trees, and ultimately some new growth pines! It was a hard day mileage wise and it’s hard to put into words what we experienced emotionally… It was a bit of a Bizzaro World of moods and the expression of them.

And then we arrived at Hotel Bi Terra!! It is a beautiful setting, and welcoming people at a high class hotel atmosphere. Unfortunately a bit more than the usual pilgrim budget allows for yet quite reasonable for a tourist.

One of our group ended up going to the hospital for stomach issues & was given meds for that as well as an IV. They also held her overnight for COVID/variant protocol. what will tomorrow bring?!

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