On The Road Again

Friday, April 19, 2019

Today seemed like a “walk in the park” from Bandeira to Outeiro!!! We had a few hills, as is usually the case, but mostly we were walking through the eucalyptus scented forests and farm land. We were all thrilled that we only had 10 miles to cover. It’s all about perspective – for the average person (or even our “at home” versions of self) this seems like a lot, yet we are all “conditioned” and currently it seems like nothing much!!

We had to make a stop in Leiras to visit a proprietor that we met two years ago with the first Wayfinding “Learn and Explore” group.  Andrea loves to play chess and it’s the first place that I tried the delicious, Galician Abariño white wine.   Even though it was only 10:00 in the morning, I HAD TO have some so that I could toast in reflection to Mitzi, Ryan, Tucker, Marybeth and Austin, all of whom enjoyed this stop that first time in 2017.  And of course Michelle and Sigi, too, with me this time as well! Salud!!  Jordan and Meg played chess and Meg even agreed to a rousing and quick duel with Andreas!

Ambling along, we eventually got to our destination. However, stopping for lunch, for “Road Pan” (the road bread now a necessity for our group) and to shop for dinner – it seemed like a very late day. img_3018-1

It is amazing how our albergues have been filled to capacity these last few nights! It’s so early in the season and we are on a less popular route – yet it is “Holy Week”, the week preceding Easter, and many locals are walking the Camino on holiday.

We all enjoyed charcuterie, etc. for dinner and a rousing game of Avalon!!! Tomorrow we walk into Santiago de Compostela!!!

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