Coming Into The Home Stretch!

Thursday, April 18

Today we walked from A Laxe to Bandeira, 17.1 km, 10.6 miles and stayed in the government albergue. img_2989

Today was s Delightful day! We heard the rain pounding on the roof ALL NIGHT, yet true to the forecast, it stopped at 5:00 a.m. so that our 7:15 departure was a dry one. At least regarding overhead skies. The earth still spoke to us in a language of standing water, rock diverted rivulets and mud, however. Then the sun came out, layers needed to be shed and thus ensued a slow amble through forest and farm, fog and fauna – culminating in a fairly easy 10 mile day. We were early to our albergue and ended up sitting outside the gate for an hour, watching the precipitation laden clouds hover over us (forecast was for rain at 2:00). And as our divine luck would have it, the sun continued to shine, we got checked in, we had ample time to shower and do laundry, relax and explore the little town before coming together for a communal dinner. Two more days of walking and then we are in the Santiago on Saturday!


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