And So It Begins (Again!!!)

August 8 & 9, 2018

After more than a week of temperatures in the 90’s here in France with limited cooling options, preceded by more than a week of high 80’s at home before embarking upon this exciting new Camino chapter – combined with Dixie’s extreme work schedule pre trip and lengthy flight, we took our time getting going yesterday. I had a perfect breakfast salad with hard boiled eggs (farm fresh purchased earlier at the market) and expresso. We wandered around for about five miles, visited the Jardine Royal (Royal Garden), saw some glorious churches and stopped into the Capitole to be astounded (a second time for me, a first excursion for Dixie) by the artwork.

We had a leisurely afternoon with another salad, this time with white beans and olives and hit the sack early!!

Today we arose at 5:00, said Au revoir to our incredible, historical Airbnb, Toodle-loo to Toulouse and caught our first train at 6:47. Next was a train at 10:05 and our final leg, a third train to St Jean Pied de Port where we meet up with our first “Camino Family”, share a meal and rest up for tomorrow’s first day of walking!

Our host at Beilari Hostal, Joseph, was most welcoming and we also met our roommates, Stephanie and John Paul from Italy. We have just the four of us on our floor and share the only bathroom on ur upper floor. Tonight we join with others for a communal pilgrim dinner!

What a cute town!!! We had some snacks and wine, visited the Pilgrim’s office, and breathed in the details of our being here!!!

The temperature is a lovely 67 (YabbaDabbaDoo!!) after a brief rain and I feel so excited and ALIVE!! Glory to God!

2 responses to “And So It Begins (Again!!!)”

  1. Oh, Dear Sister, how I love your prose. You make it so easy to be there with you. I have your most recent card where I see it everyday. And sing

    Reach up to the sky
    and, open up your eyes and, let your troubles fade away . . .

    You inspire me 🤓

    1. Aww, so sweet!! You inspire me, too! An exciting new chapter on the horizon for you!!

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