A New Adventure

August 7, 2018

Today was bittersweet. I said, “So Long” to my darling Lindsey and her fiancé, Darrell. And, par for the course, I made some (not so) under my breath comment about housekeeping – astoundingly as a reply to a heartfelt “thank you” – where does my psyche/brain/being even get off on that crap – let alone unleash it aloud?!?? And so “my Camino” goes/ensues/continues…

I have to be honest though, I did enjoy my solo time to explore. Unfortunately my phone’s battery was dying so I aborted my trek to a couple of parks (within 20 minutes) lest I not be able to access my Airbnb entrance codes (not trusting my aged brain to remember them). Mmhh. I did have some enjoyable scenery and stopped off at a couple of markets to get My Kinda Food (!!!), so that was good. Also, just before my phone died I happened upon a college band performance just beyond my secret Airbnb courtyard – so enjoyed that. In fact, I rushed home to plug in my phone and rushed back to enjoy more of the same!!! In speaking with a member, I found that they were from Bourdoux on summer break and decided to perform along the way. They were all dressed up in crazy outfits (tutu’s, wrestler, beachwear, Hawaiian), cheerfully smug in their comradery and skilled musicianship so as to artfully entertain yet still have a silly fun time together!! It brought back such fond memories of my band geek days that I vacillated between smiles and tears as I thoroughly loved their show!!

I prepared myself a salad but didn’t have time enough to eat it before my walking buddy, Dixie arrived. She is a lifelong friend and decided to join me only about six weeks ago!!! She is a strong, persevering woman who I know will do well and I think that our personalities will work well together.

Dixie got settled in and the we headed out for a bite to eat – settling in on a yet another Capitole Square Café. We had mussels, poke like salmon and a salad and thankfully had a few blocks of a walk to get comfortable in our bodies before calling it an early night. Between Dixie’s long flight and my sleepless nights for the heat, we were both pooped!

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