Frère Jacques

August 4, 2018

What a feast for mine eyes to wander this beautiful countryside!! And that’s pretty much what I did – for a few hours anyway. The temperatures have a way of discouraging much movement and so I took an early foray about this tiny French town of Lasalle and snapped away, taking oh so many photos of one of my favorite subjects – doors! And windows and alleyways!!

I had planned to attend the wedding Lindsey came here to shoot, however the time involved and the idea of being captive for many hours ultimately concluded in my decision to stay back and relax. And I must admit – it was most enjoyable in a simple sort of way! We are only five kilometers away and I had every intention of walking back, yet if needs be I walk in near 100 degree weather in France, I figured I better save up my gusto for the Camino, whose commencement is now less than a week away!

The proprietor of the the bed and breakfast we are staying at wants to sell – what a lovely daydream…

I leave you with another Pilgrim Theme from my Camino guidebook, “Pilgrimage Inspires and Transforms”: “Pilgrims do not move just for movement’s sake or remember for remembering’s sake, but with the goal of being inspired and transformed in their daily life. Sone pilgrims come with a specific goal – to find peace about a recent troubling event, to seek guidance for a big decision, to refresh a sense of spiritual connection to God. Pilgrimage can be a ‘marinating’ process which prepares for a future challenge, such as Moses’ 40 years in the wilderness and Jesus’ temptation of 40 days”.  Marinating…. img_5519

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  1. Pilgrim….marinate…transform!

    1. Glad you caught that!!!

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