Foux Du Fafa

August 3, 2018

Today was a transition day and it felt like we barely said, “Hello” to Paris and it was time to say “Good-bye” and blast on out of there.

We took a cab to the spectacular Paris Gare Lyon train station and then embarked upon a 3 1/2 hour ride on a High Speed train through countryside and small villages until arriving in Nimes. We then rented a car, and Lindsey drove us to the quaint southern France village of LaSalle where our B&B is located. Words can hardly express this charming estate where we will rest our heads for two nights. The town is built upon a hill and is comprised of narrow streets, motorcycles and a river streaming by, fit enough to beat the heat and frolic in!

Our rooms have an inviting view out to a wooded area full of birds and lush shrubs. The grounds were probably astounding once upon a time and are still quite lovely in spite of our hostess, Bridgett’s golden age of 80 plus years. We each have an adjoining deck and thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening there admiring our tranquil view. We can even spy a castle in the distance!!

And just like that, another memorable day on our summer adventure evaporated as we three opted for an early to bed nighty-night!  Well, that was the plan anyway!  Since Lindsey is shooting a wedding here tomorrow, she was invited at the last minute to their rehearsal dinner to check out the property and take some preliminary photos.  Since the roads are so crazy and we are basically in the middle of nowhere, Darrell and I both felt compelled to wait up for her which ended up being 11:00.  This mom was a little nervous since my precious daughter doesn’t have an international plan on her phone and would not have had a way to reach us even if an issue ensued.  This was a good practice opportunity for us to address that security situation.  All in all, this is a pretty amazing environment to deal with adulting topics!!

In closing I thought that I would share another Pilgrim Theme from my guidebook. “Pilgrimage remembers. Pilgrimages lead us to places of sacred and historical value where we can remember events and ideas that have impacted our lives, beliefs and philosophy.” How true it is! From the simple visual miracle of seeing Roman walls that still stand centuries later, wandering around ornately adorned churches in the middle of small and large towns and sometimes even castles, to interacting with folks and their cultures which have become what they are today based on how their many ancestors have embraced their rich heritages. To see, smell, hear, touch and taste those influences is heart warming and enriching beyond measure! img_5437

Note: today’s blog title comes from a Flight of the Conchords’ song. It doesn’t really have a meaning, its about trying to speak French with only a year or two in school.

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