All My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go

July 30, 2018

Well, it’s just the one – uh, weighing in at 17 lbs…  So maybe a tad heavy.  But I have 60 days worth of my Mstiks – both the “CoreAO” which has lots of antioxidants and the “Go” with all of the minerals and vitamin B’s I need to walk across Spain at my best!!  Plus 30 packets of collagen and a pound of turkey jerky!  So all of those will diminish as the days ensue.  And since I am meeting my beloved daughter and her betrothed in Paris for a couple of days and then on to a wedding in the south of France, I have a couple of sun dresses, a sweater and nice shoes that I will either mail back or send home with them.

So, I’m set!!  I have my boarding pass printed out and I just have the clock watching to do until tomorrow.  I am BEYOND excited to walk ANOTHER Camino de Santiago de Compostela – the second this year!!!  Yet even with my recent experiences, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit to some trepidation and butterflies in my belly. There are always the worries of catching my plane, navigating to lodging, staying well and able and the high vote getter for my nervousness, fear of getting truly lost!  I have learned to embrace the general “getting lost” and have found many sights worth seeing that I might otherwise have missed, seen others more than several times that were worthy of revisit and developed valuable geographical knowledge along the way!  I do worry about getting REALLY, REALLY lost though, mostly pushing those thoughts right back out my head because I know my Heavenly Father will be guiding me wherever it is I need to go.  Hopefully we are on the same page (or I can figure out if we are not!!)

I have had difficulty sleeping for all of my excitement, however in spite of that I created opportunities to connect with seven friends for visits or walks, put on 40 miles outside with my backpack and another 20 in the gym.  Most of my outdoor mileage was with an eleven pound load, but I did get nearly 7 miles in with the real deal.  I had a bit of a shoe trauma that threatened to send me sideways (seems I put TOO MUCH training mileage in), yet with advice from my mentors and some deep breathing managed to get it handled.

Can you believe this new construction house – granted close to Bridle Trails and in Kirkland but down a country alley and with no view AND WITH A POWER LINE TOWER IN ITS FRONT YARD is for sale at $1,200,000??!!??! img_5103

Oh, and today I received a very weird extortion email asking for a couple of thousand dollars if I didn’t want my “dirty little secret” porn video exposed to the world!!  Knowing I did not star in one allowed me to ignore the threat, however the perpetrator DID have my email address and referenced a password that I do in fact have.  So, as if I didn’t have enough to do preparing to be away from home for two months, I had to change my passwords.  Geez!!  What a crazy world we live in!!  Crazy enough that I’m flying nonstop to Paris in less than twenty-four hours.  Yabbadabbadoo!!!

4 responses to “All My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go”

  1. HAPPY trails!!

    1. Thanks, Barb!! I’m walking for you, too, until you can walk one day soon!

  2. What an exciting wonderful trip you are going to have. Also, we never get lost…we just add a new leg to our journey (although unplanned). So excited for you. Can’t wait to read of your exploits and join you on your travels through your wonderful photos and stories of your exploits. XOXOXO and safe travels 😘🙏

  3. Here I go, AGAIN!!! And Thank You – you are my biggest fan!!

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