We Are Family

July 21, 2018

Life is good.  No, I mean Life is Great!!  In actuality that’s a no brainer for me, yet I strongly believe I’d still think so if times were tough.  I know many of you in challenging circumstances would disagree with me.  Frame of mind and perspective are so powerful. History is full of literal examples.  At any rate, I’m posting up, checking in, practicing my blogging for my next big adventure… So here’s the scoop, aka this time as Family, Friends, Fourth of July, etc (I know, I’m kind of behind) and Frolicking!  img_4948Family!  Oh family, family, family…  Why is it that my reflections are rosy and wonderful yet in the moment I can be so conflicted???  It’s truly a shame and a loss of time never to be recaptured…  I won’t elaborate, suffice it to say, I wasted some precious moments letting my pettiness out of a box that I truly try to keep locked.  It has been an action packed few weeks with a multitude of opportunities to be with the ones I love.  I made my last visit to sister Becky’s cutie pie, comfort zone, supremely located Ellensburg home.  She is moving to Branson, Missouri in August!  She will initially live with our other sister, Dawn, and will be nearby our father and his bride, who live in Arkansas.  I am so very excited for her!  It will be a much needed change, a long anticipated new chapter and will surely open exciting doors for her.  Guess I will have more reasons now to get on a plane to visit the hood.  I enjoyed the long drive over and back with Dixie, a family friend since childhood.  She is going to join me walking El Camino Frances in August so the time flew by as I shared anecdotes, she asked questions, we tossed around ideas and made big plans.  It was a gorgeous Pacific Northwest Day, perfect for our foray to the Saturday Market where we picked up some delectable organic micro greens grown by Emily (my nephew’s sister in law), Purity Soapworks sandalwood soap made by Lynda Larsen (high school classmate and friend, Donna’s sister) and enjoyed each other’s company.

My amazing, loving, vibrant,  San Francisco based daughter (how did I get so lucky?!?!?) decided to pull together an “engagement” party on an already preplanned visit “home” with her Honey.  And of course, given her supremely gigantic heart and equally huge visionary ability, she wanted this Family Only party to include all cousins and their children, second cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws, future in-laws, – near and far to be included!  It was some effort for She and Darrell to find a venue to fit us all at the last minute during a historically busy month in Seattle – especially because at first they had no idea what the total number of attendees would be.  But they pulled it off and a memorable time was had by all at the fabulous Pioneer Square establishment, Little London Plane!  I still can’t get over how incredibly well it all went and how many were able to join in from the far reaches of Missouri, Anchorage, California, Oregon and distances away in Washington.  It has been years since most of these folk have been together in one place and  some have never shared a conversation or broken bread together.  It was special to celebrate the engagement status yet the theme of family being brought together still rings brightly in my heart!  Epic!  As a course of the weekend I was able to spend quality time with my Aunt Lana from Portland, Oregon who stayed in an Airbnb down the street, my far flung sisters and brother who shared one eventing there as well, Sister in law Di, her hubby Mike, nephew Anson and his girlfriend Katarina from Anchorage, Darrell’s awesome parents (Again – how did I get so lucky?!!?!) from LA and local brother in law Bob, wife Karen and niece Audrey on a great Beat the Heat (it was 89 degrees) ninety minute Argosy boat cruise on Lake Washington pre engagement party.  And as if we didn’t already have more fun in a weekend than seems legal, Lindsey, Darrell, his parents and I attended an Italian themed 30th birthday party for the Lovely and Special Katie Huston.  I am still aglow from it all!!!!!!

As for friends, as I am “training” for the Big Camino in August, I have tried to get my walk on with as many associates as will tolerate me!  I have been able to put on nearly 60 miles in the last ten days and many of them were accumulated with a variety of friends.  Janet walked the Camino Frances last year and we trained together before either of us walked our first Spanish mile.  It is always great to see and talk with her and this time it was valuable as I had many questions for her given her actual experience on the Camino route I will encounter in less than a month (!!!!!!).  One day I walked with Susan and a crew she put together.  It was a perfect “long” (hot) trek!  She will be walking through Ireland in September.  I walked with Dee Ann, a friend from high school – our first outing together! My Aunt Lana joined me once and I ventured again to my son’s Seattle office by crossing the 520 bridge (two and a half hours from my condo) and then took the light rail for the first time that direction.  I love being a “tourist” in my own environs!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the gym much, but it has been so hot that I have chosen to get out walking early at the expense of my gym hours.

So Fourth of July.  My ugly side came out as several of our condo neighbors invited friends over to enjoy our dock and waterfront and they were unbearably loud.  So I chose not to participate in the “fun”.  We also chose not to go to the very endearing local parade in town.  HOWEVER, Bill and I volunteered to take down the decorations the day after and it felt great to participate in the local verve.  Also, that prompted us to volunteer for the Kirkland Uncorked wine and beer fest that was in town the same weekend as our engagement party.  We helped set up and for our efforts received free admission and some drink tokens, which I remitted with my Aunt Lana on the opening evening. I love it when the equation is Hard Work equals Fun Times! IMG_1140.jpg

That brings us to FROLICkING!  I must admit, being retired at an early age with health in my favor, every day feels like a frolic!!  In fact, I can’t even remember why I made that a topic when I outlined this blog!  As I recall all of the above, seems like I frolicked a lot!!  Isn’t it weird that “frolic” doesn’t have a “k” but “frolicking” does…?!

Oh now I remember, we saw Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Triple Door in Seattle.  Great Concert!!  I wasn’t frolicking per se, but it was probably the best concert I have ever been to!!  Though as I ponder, I have been to SO MANY amazing concerts!  I might have to write a blog post on that alone!!  The Blue Oyster Cult concert in the early 80’s when all but the drummer played guitar for the encore was incredible!! IMG_2268.jpg

Get out there and Frolic!!  Or at least Walk!!  Or be with Family!!!  Live this Life!!! img_3307-1.jpg

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  1. Dawn Whitaker Avatar

    I’m glad you’re over your sleeping spell.

  2. Hahahahaha!! No Sleeping Spell, but still not getting my posterior,etc. into the gym…

  3. This was awesome love your thinking Robbi❤️

    1. Thanks, Deffia!! I really, Really appreciate that!

  4. Love you so much mama! I can feel your happiness through your words!

    1. You may get this twice – thought I responded but it doesn’t show up! I am so glad I can convey emotion through my words – thanks for saying so!! And I am so grateful and thankful for your support and encouragement! I love you so much, too!!

  5. I can feel your happiness through your words mama!

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