We Got Really, Really High Today!

April 11, 2018

Day 6 on The Camino

This is the message I sent to my family:  “Made it to Berdeucedo – pretty tough day! We had rain, many HUGE hills, as well as horrendous downhills, snow, and well, it was just a tough day! We fricken climbed a mountain!!! No Internet at our albergue, I may come back over to the café to post my blog later but… Probably not!” 2018.4.11-009

Here is a nicer version:  Today was so amazing on many levels!  Actually, at this point I’m so tired that I can hardly even come up with words for the day…

We pre-agreed to have snacks on hand and just set out upon the hill today but unfortunately, not everyone else was prepared and so we stopped to have eggs before we left,  putting us on the road at 9 AM.  As last night we walked down into our little town, we had to make our way up and out this morning.  And we went up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up until we were greeted by snow!

Not only did we get snowed upon, we were surrounded by snow snd it was freezing cold!  Much of the day was trudging through the big boulder/river beds again, and then the rain came…

Actually, the earlier part of the day was delightful as we walked through the woods and along beside a fast moving river – I thought it was the best day of the entire trip! I was reminded of walking in Packwood or  Carbonado.

The vistas all day long were amazing!

Regardless, the long and the short of is that I am damn tired! 

The town of our albergue was tiny – no restaurant.  However there was a store so we purchased dinner fixings and had a delicious family meal.  Rather than join the group outing back to the bar for a drink, I’m going to bed early!

2 responses to “We Got Really, Really High Today!”

  1. I remember having a picnic dinner in the Berdeucedo town square. We came back to our albergue to discover that our 4 Polish friends were holding Mass in the alberque. Turns out they were all priests and the church was locked! We had no clue before because we didn’t have a common language. Really nice guys. One would always greet me in the evenings with a huge smile and hug and shout “Alaska!”.

    Rest up. Tomorrow is another hard day. Mike has a favorite saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. You’re living proof! Take care of the knees tomorrow. Crossing the dam is very cool.

    Buen Camino, Diane

  2. Is Uncle Mike a ghost writer for Kelly Clarkson!? hehehe Love the “Alaska! shouting priests” bit Aunt Diane!! I am so proud of you mama!! Glad the pictures & blog post came through for the world too! Just when you thought you didn’t have it in you, you dug deeper! Of course!

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