April 10, 2018

Day 5 on The Camino

Last year when I was on the Camino we left every morning before sun up between 6 and 6:30. This time around, not so much. Today we left at 8 AM. It’s kind of nice to be able to see where you’re going-especially when it’s foggy and/or overcast. We truly enjoyed our initial days of sunshine, especially since they were unexpected. Today is another day of rain, and now that we are getting used to it – plus the fact that it was anticipated, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Weird thing though (and I didn’t notice it so much yesterday – maybe because of the acute concentration upon avoidance of mud hole sinking …?) that when I have my hood up, the combination of the swishing sound of my coat as well of that swishing around my ears makes it almost impossible for me to hear not only anything anyone says, but even the birds and cars approaching. Big bummer…

Today ended up being a short walk as we were unable to go onto the mountain area because of recent snow. We arrived at our albergue by 1:00 – This after a brief stop for a café con leche in Alto de la Morta.

Besides the rain, we had to deal with continual mud, and even downed trees across our pathway… Sometimes we could avoid that conundrum by hiking up a little ledge into a meadow for a bit, and eventually, we could choose between highway or forest. Katarina, myself and David (a pilgrim we met along the way), took the highway, while our Three Amigos, The students of Wayfinding Academy, took the inner forest, low road.

I do not know the mountain range we walked closer and closer to, but we descended very close to snow capped peaks as we made our way into the town of our albergue, Puerto del Palo.

img_1781Some pilgrims walk harder and longer. We were happy to get into our destination early, unpack, wash out our mud drenched clothing, hang them to dry and then potentially head to town for a bite to eat.

I had prepared well for today’s walk and I had leftover snacks when we arrived. The majority of my group was starving when we came into town and within minutes wanted to go get some lunch. They left, I held back, and made myself a delicious salad with the grocery items I had obtained the other day. I am one happy, solo camper right now!img_1825-1

We walked through El Fresno, El Espìn , Borres, Lavadoira, Barcena, Sanblismo, Collinas de Ariba, Porciles, Alto de la Morta, Polla de Allande, Ferris and concluding in Camino de la Pola.

As we came down, down, down, down, down the hill into this town this morning, tomorrow we will go up, up, up, up, up, up out of it! I can’t wait!!

4 responses to “Brrrrrr”

  1. Wow!! Were you able to look up the mountain range when you got internet? I know it’s been spotty for you, but love the updates when you can! (:

  2. Finally got my phone working with your blog…catching up today. How cold is brrr? Looks chilly but still beautiful. So much fun getting my Robbi blog. I am feelin the adventure. 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️Stay dry when you can 💋🌹

  3. What a great adventure. It’s fun following along. Your next day will probably be into Grandas de Salime. I remember it as a beautiful forest hike for much of it (hot hot hot when we did it). If you have time there is a nice little folk museum about Asturias culture in Grandas de Salime. Buen Camino and stay dry!

  4. Brr is like home – 40’s in the morning, the first few days not much warmer later, but now we are getting 50’s in the afternoon!! Di, we did have a beautiful day crossing near the dam & coming into Grande de Salime! Unfortunately the museum was not open.

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