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Obsessions are so, well, fixating!!  There are facets.  And depending upon the  angle from which I observe, or from which I catch the affliction (or attribute – Ha!) – I might grimace, shudder and/or participate in unhealthy self deprecation – or, I may smile, give myself a, “hell yeah” and maybe even a fist pump!  Perhaps the condition catches ME.  I am not observing, rather I am reacting.  I find myself under a spell and willingly follow it’s pied piper song – again, sometimes beguiling and overriding reason and at other times bewitching and lovely.

If you haven’t guessed it, I am talking about walking.  Walking, for Pete’s sake!!  Who would think something so highly recommend by doctors, extremely enjoyable and seemingly harmless could turn into a temptress?!  Of course, generally speaking, if one must have an obsession, walking is hardly in the vice category.  Yet when ye old stroll takes over one’s day, at the expense of other activities, upending balance and promoting a solitary reclusiveness – maybe it can be considered a tad troublesome.

I joined a gym when I returned from walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela  – after a month of moping around.  I love the spring, have always enjoyed getting up at the crack of dawn to walk (and in my younger days, to run) and was excited to return home with my adjustment to a 9 hour time difference established and hundreds of miles under my belt, at this perfect time to incorporate my camino habits into day to day fitness efforts.  Turns out that was a fantasy.  I was really quite dumbfounded at my angst and lack of motivation!  I had the “Camino Blues”, I determined.  I had heard others talk about it and list the symptoms.  Yes, indeed, I was infected.

.                          IMG_0515IMG_3011.jpgWell, like anything, I began to get over it and finally commenced getting back to “normal”.  So I hit the gym with commitment and consistency.  For about three weeks.  It snuck up on me, but I soon longed to be outside.  I mean goodness, it’s summer now and it’s beautiful outside!  I live in a gorgeous place!  What was I thinking, joining a gym this time of year?!!?!? I made a deal with myself.  I would work out 3-4 times a week and walk the others.  Walking IMMEDIATELY took over!  Soon I was telling myself I would walk to the gym (and hour each way), work out and call it good.  But that never happened, not even once.  At least not yet (I’m holding out a tiny hope…)  I didn’t want to walk the same route every day – there are so many choices!IMG_4392I actually filled my backpack up to equal about eleven pounds and have been wearing it now when I go out.  If I throw my book in there or stop at the store, the weight increases.  As soon as I get up I want to hit the road.  I like it.  I am going to keep doing it.  I am weird.  I am happy!  However, I am pretty sure I have an obsession.img_4740

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