It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

I have been back from walking the Camino about a month and a half now. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it every day.  In fact, there have been countless days during which I have determined I was “just going to get online and book another trip to Spain, pronto, and get back on my next Camino!”  I was serious with myself.  On other times that these thoughts invaded my psyche, I dwelled on them with relish and intention, for long periods of time, and I was damn well determined that indeed, I would book another Camino before the year was out – autumn being a wonderful choice weather and crowds wise.  And, that would give me a bit of time to organize, fundraise and reschedule items already on my calendar.  Really.  I was SERIOUS with myself!  I was – Really!!IMG_0415Did I want to escape my life?  My very good life?  Uh, kinda – I do live in a 2 bedroom condo with a television that is always on when (retired) Hubby is home…  Did I feel I had unfinished business there – yes.  Did I LOVE the luxury of walking HOURS ON END – yes, Yes and YES!!  I must say, I have the good fortune to be “retired” – so, I can walk and walk and wake right here at home.  Right…  Did I miss the excitement of the unknown around every corner?  Of course I did!!  Did I miss being comrades with others on a similar journey?  No doubt.  Do I feel like I don’t as yet know what my purpose as a “retired” woman is, and so feel like I am wandering aimlessly – and at least on the Camino I would be wandering with aim?  Indeed.  Man-o-Man-o-Man, do I have the Camino Blues!!5B22BFAA-7A76-4774-82EE-93417E0E6BD4.jpgBut anyway, as I said, (or meant to say!) I was out in my wonderful neighborhood today and wearing my backpack with about 11 lbs. in it so I could pretend I was on the Camino. (Well, I really am on my own Camino – in my own surroundings.  I decided last week to don my backpack around town and just “carry on”… )  I had an item I wanted to purchase and it just so happened that it was available at Fred Meyer, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Cross Kirkland Corridor trail which I adore walking along and upon which I did much of my Camino training.  It’s only 3 miles down the trail and then about another 2 blocks on surface roads.

As I set out, I was struck, as I always am, with the beautiful utilization of grasses that so many of the “modern” homes are employing.  It makes so much sense!  It is easy to maintain, there are lovely varieties of color, and its so mesmerizing blowing in the wind, which is a normal occurrence off of Lake Washington.

The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a wonderful urban trail, yet I must admit, I love that my perspective is embellished with the neighborhood vibe.  This is and old farm town and there are homes from a variety of eras coexisting in a display of culture for an observer like me!!  I also love that on this particular portion of the “CKC” there remains a big ol’ farm and when I walk past I hear chickens, roosters, turkeys, donkeys, etc!!!  Though we are into summer, the blossoms which started in spring are holding on and in bold display everywhere!  I had to snap a shot of some gorgeous jasmine hugging a utility pole!  Not only did the fragrance stop me in my tracks, the delicate white flowers softened the crazy look of all those wires!!!IMG_9054.JPGIMG_9055Once I reached Fred Meyer, I went to the customer service desk to check my backpack, not wanting to be a suspect for shoplifting.  They told me to just go on ahead and wear it – And so I did!  Once I purchased my items, I easily tucked them into my Look Ma, No Hands backpack, grabbed the apple I brought for a snack and headed home, munching as I walked.

I may have mentioned… I purchased a tile in Santiago de Compostela, which is a replica of the Wayfinding Yellow Arrow we use while enroute to guide us.  I have decided to “pose” it (silly) in my urban journeys…  I embarrass myself, but yet, I am still compelled to do it…  Anyway, it was a Great day! and walking with my backpack contributed to this conclusion!!



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