Did I Tell you I encountered Spanish “Wildlife”??!?

While I was wandering through Parque del Retiro in Madrid, having a most enjoyable day, as usual my gaze was drawn upwards.  What was not usual were the couple of cats I spied (cat)napping (HA!) in the sunshine, nestled Way Up High in some broad branches!!

And then I began to notice that several trees were cat napperies!!  _DSC0098_DSC0064Within the few hours I strolled along the grounds I encountered countless more felines!

And then there was the pig…IMG_6025While on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, we did once (barely) see a fleetfooted fox, and, besides the sheep, goats, donkeys and horses in pastures, we also “shared the road” a few times with horses.

And a billygoat…IMG_7039Mostly we saw (and smelled) cows – cows, cows and more cows!!  Many were pastured.

However we did run across herds traveling on the road.  We might be on break enjoying our cafe con leche, hear a cow bell and then see one to five cows traipsing a narrow road

Or, we might end up right in the middle of a field trip!!

Come  to find out, my subscription does not support a video, and  darn,  I had a great little video of us being in the middle of the cow herding! Anyway, we intermingled, had a wonderful time and we enjoyed smelling and seeing the cows, too!!IMG_6999

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