Back in the Pacific Northwest

Well, I have been home on American soil a week now.  I think I’m back in the relevant time zone and generally have my healthy sleeping pattern back.  However, as you can imagine, I am still processing my emotions, evaluating what I learned, determining how I have been changed and sorting through my memories.  I am still dreaming of walking – the discipline, the strenuousness of it, the sun on my skin, the cow smell in my nose, the jewels my eyes beheld and the opportunity and sheer luxury of it ALL!  I am missing the comrades I grew to love, the peregrinos I became connected to, the countries and customs I touched through those interactions with other pilgrims and also directly by walking across Spain…  I WALKED ACROSS SPAIN!!?!?!  Tears just came out of nowhere and I can hardly type right now.  And so it goes.img_6345

My hometown experienced much rain while I was enjoying the Spanish sunshine.  I must say though, that even when I am experiencing the weather here that so many complain about, I know its all worth it because of the lush beauty we enjoy.  I have arrived home at the perfect time to drink in the spring blossoms, the myriad of green shades in the foliage and the longer days.  And a blast of sunny weather and high temperatures are in the forecast!  It was wonderful to see my family, sleep in my own bed and to go for my first walk in the neighborhood.  I am so grateful for the adventure I have experienced and for the abundance I am surrounded and embraced by daily.  I thank God!  Yet I am still dreaming of walking…img_6344

We have some pretty gorgeous sunrises and sunsets here in the Pacific Northwest (the picture that greeted you today is local).  Right now though, I will leave you with some Camino Brilliance!

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  1. The whole thing sounds out of this world! Can’t wait to get the details. Can we set a “phone date” for next week sometime?

  2. Hi Robbi, it was so nice to finally get to meet and chat with you this past Saturday, you are such a wonderful and inspiring person. Looking forward to hearing / reading more about your travels.

    1. Cheryl, you are SO Sweet!! I would say exactly the same backatcha!!!

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