Today Marks One Week of Walking!!

Today’s walk had us traveling five hours from A Gudina to Campobecerros through hill and dale, Extreme uphills and Equally Extreme downhills, massive rolling stretches of even more purple heather than yesterday, vast views of waterways, train tracks, tiny villages and trailways that seemed impossibly distant yet that we did in fact reach and walk on.

We didn’t set off until 8:00 as several in the group had hoped for breakfast at the cafe near our albergue. No such luck. Still, some of our group noshed on chocolate filled croissants and toast and soon we were off! Consequently we were followed by an intense sun and I’ll tell you what – that icy cold cervesa after settling in at our new lodgings tasted mighty fine!!! So did the tipico Galacian soup, Caldo Gallego, of white beans, broth and greens (the latter – anything green for that matter – seemingly almost impossible to find on our journeys)!!

They didn’t have enough beds for three of our group and another pilgrim, nor were there any beds open in this small town’s hotels. Our industrious hospitaleor built two more bunks, pushed the existing ones (very) close together and problem solved! And what a wonderful meal we shared with each other – including the other tribe!!

We have now walked a full week and I am doing the “Camino Shuffle” much less!! I am so very grateful for this opportunity, experience, my (recovered) abilities and fellow perigrinos!IMG_6639.JPG

4 responses to “Today Marks One Week of Walking!!”

  1. Looks like you have having wonderful weather. Great photos. Hot? The saying goes “Week one on the Camino is for your body. Week two is for your mind. Week three is for your soul”. Buen Camino!

  2. <3 you.

  3. Yes, Diane, I hear that and am beginning to experience some emotional introspection for sure now that pain is not dominating every thought!!! The weather has been amazing!! Cool until about 1:00, highs in the low 70’s, but often some good cloud cover even then 🙂 Leslie – sorry I accidentally dialed you the other day – don’t have the extra cell coverage to text or call…

  4. Holy cow, Robbi. Love following you and seeing your pics. You are amazing!

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