Easter Sunday on the Camino

Day 13, Day 6 on the Camino

What a Most Spectacular day today!!! We headed out at 6:30, thinking that our housemates were leaving after 7:00 based on their comments last night. It appeared to be a competition when most of those in line for the one bathroom were from “the other tribe” and two hit the trail first and the others passed us at a vicious pace in the first hour. That is not the traditional pilgrim spirit – yet we are happy we turned them on to leaving before dawn and walking with the moon’s light!!

Unfortunately we were waylayed two hours when one of our party took a wrong turn at a confusing, unmarked juncture – but fortunately she made her way to the town we planned to take a break in! We ended up walking in the grueling sun though and the 15 plus miles seemed to take forever…

The vistas, oh the vistas!!! Gorgeous scenery and tough forest terrain. Muddy river beds and hills and hills of rosey and white hued heather and yellow scotchbroom. Cows and more cows and sheep and sleepy villages out of fairy tales.

I walked much of today on my own and enjoyed the solitude of thinking and prayer. Nearing my destination I came upon a majestic cross that compelled me to sing, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” – I am, we are so blessed!!!

Our “buddies” ended up at our same albergue and we succeeded in solidifying a Camino comradery over cheese, crackers, wine, “pulpo” and tequila!! Buen Camino and Happy Easter!FullSizeRender

3 responses to “Easter Sunday on the Camino”

  1. Wow, the colors in the scenery here are incredible!! So glad you took some time to soak it all in yourself. Sounds like a beautifully spiritual & celebratory Easter!

  2. I love the cross photos.

    1. There were so many of them!!! Quite significant during Holy Week, but personally significant to me the whole time…

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