It’s A New And Wonderful Day!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

I’m looking at the clock-it’s 7:00 pm right now… Do I go out? It’s only 10:0 0 am back home and I’m still adjusting…? I slept in today until 11 and felt pretty rested, but now I am tired. I made my way out to “wander“ after I unpacked and settled into my new room. I didn’t get very far. The Duomo (like “The Mountain” back home), is an Ancient, Medieval cathedral here in Florence, and is very close and amazingly beautiful! I snapped lots of photos

there, and stopped for a late lunch of Caprice salad and a martini!

I got a bit turned around on my way back (always a part of MY journey!), which was surprising since I didn’t go very far. Yet here I am back into my cozy B&B room, and thinking I just wanna stay here! Hmmmm…. The overachieving, type A personality that I am wants me to get out there and “get it done”, “see it all”! Yet the ever and slow evolving transition of who I am says to listen to what gives me joy. I am more into nature that I am into history, though I love knowing I am part of an ancient evolution. Hmmm – what to choose…

Thanks for hanging in with my brain drain minutia!

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