August 30, 2021

I’m at it again! The Scandinavian Airlines waiting area seat at the San Francisco Airport hardly contains my equally pulsing anxiousness and excitement! I am bound for Copenhagen, then Amsterdam, on to Frankfurt and by 6:30 tomorrow night, Florence in Italy. The more than twenty-four hours between now and then is a bit deceiving given the nine hour time change. I have less than an hour in each case to catch my continuing flights!

I didn’t intentionally plan it this way…. SAS changed my second flight thereby eliminating my original two hour transition window. As for the next two legs, I thought I might stay in Amsterdam a day or two, yet as time went by and I didn’t create those plans and as more things got going on around me and in my head, I just decided to GET TO Florence and pickings were slim! That is where I will be meeting a group to walk a portion of the Via di Francesco along the way of Saint Francis of Assisi on September 5th. We will be walking for fifteen days from Florence to Assisi!! More about that later! This is kind of a “practice” blog to see if I am still capable!!

Cayuga Park, San Francisco

I have had a whirlwind these last couple of years! Two grand babies born being highlights! Gianna turned two on August 11 and Kobe is now five months. Marlo the husky who I enjoy walking while in San Francisco is three. Daughter Lindsey and her hubby Darrell have A Lot going on and I have been fortunate to share in the unfolding events.

My summer was filled with a lot of fun activities and family!

Son, Will gives this Mama a ride, Jazz at the Locks
Gigi’s first day at Hola Kids Spanish immersion school
Fun on Puget Sound
Fun in The Bay
Kobe’s first San Francisco Giants game!
Ahhh, that Gigi!
Ahhh that Kobe!!

Ahhh that Marlo!

I’ll let you know when I get to Florence!

10 responses to “Pilgrimage”

  1. The photos are so sweet….You must hava photographer oin the family;) Many blessing for your upcoming trip…You are the greatest grandmother ever…Love and hugs.

    1. I thought I replied to this, but I don’t quite understand how to navigate the site – thanks Janet, you are always so sweet, and I so appreciate that you are even reading these blogs! Thanks for your prayers and support!

  2. Marge Van Geest Avatar

    Wishing you all the best on your walk, and looking forward to your posts.

    1. You are such a great encourager, thanks! Love to you and Ted!

    2. Love to you and Ted, thank you so much always for your support!

  3. Wahooo! Glad you’re pilgrim-ing again and look forward to being with you virtually. I just returned from 25 days out…1st two weeks at Lifefinding course in England with WFC. Hugs!!

    1. Wahoo Backatcha, Beautiful Woman!! Thanks as always for your support and for chiming in! And I am so excited to hear that you did the Lifefinding England deal with WFC! I would love to hear about that! We’ve got to figure out a time to get together! Thanks, always great to hear from you!

  4. So happy you are doing what you love again. Will be keeping up with you on your journey…safe travels to you. Wish I was there with you 🥰. Know it will be one incredible adventure. Stay safe Robbi and have a blast 😎😘

    1. Thanks as always for your support and following, Nancy!! I miss you, girlfriend!

      1. Miss you too 🌺😘🥂

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