Day One of Camino Norte

Saturday, July 31

Our group easily made it up and out of the albergue by 6:15!! Brrrr – a little chillier than Madrid at 54° – but no rain! We walked back through town, had a group photo in the dusk and bade the Primitivo perigrinos farewell and Buen Camino. Our Norte route group continued on to the train station and basically had a repeat of yesterday trying to figure out where to go. It took ten minutes but we got it done and had time to spare. After a two hour ride

we disembarked in the rain and got our Camino on!!

The hills were ambitious and many, the rain refreshing and mud inducing, the eucalyptus trees fragrant, bird song cheerful and pilgrims extremely stoked to be out and trekking!

Walking to the Atlantic Ocean was so magnificent with waves crashing their temptress songs!

Such an amazing display of so many flowers in dazzling displays of color!

We saw many cows, horses, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats and a few bunnies!

And the sun came out mid afternoon making the glorious Asturias region sparkle! Roxanne and I didn’t trust the way markers bringing our walking mileage for the day’s excursion to 11.8 and getting us into our modern albergue after the others since we repeated a few branches of the trail multiple, unnecessary times…

Showers were taken, laundry banged out and a hearty Spanish meal was enjoyed by us all at the restaurant across the street accompanied by an indescribably delectable sangria!!! Total miles walked including our dinner jaunt: 12.2, through the towns of Oviedo, Ribon, Cadavedo, San Cristóbal and Queres.

We have a short day tomorrow so will see what our albergue plans to serve us for breakfast!

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