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Monday, April 15

Xunquiera de Ambia to Ourense, 23 km, 14.3 miles.

Even though we knew we had a short day, we were still out the door by 7:00. Unfortunately it took us forty-five minutes to figure our way out of town… There is never a day without hills though today was mostly flat – and on concrete. We walked through some cute villages, stopped for café con leche about an hour in, arriving into Ourense by 12:30 – only to find that the Albergue de Peregrinos had been moved to a new location five months ago. We couldn’t get a straight answer as to where it was either! So we stopped for a beer, made some calls and ventured out again. We still couldn’t find it! About the fourth person we asked gave us winning directions and we were relieved to check into a brand new, spacious albergue! Each bed even has its own reading light and outlet!!

The other group joined us around 3:00 and it was a grand reunion! We had tapas, vino, cervezas and gelato! Some strolled the city – me, I read for a long while relishing some non group time…

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