Zocalo Festival and a Couple of Dining Options in Zihuatanejo

Every Sunday night in Zihuatanejo at La Cancha (the basketball court) ensues the Zocalo Festival and hundreds of adultos and niños come out as familias to enjoy entertainment, street food, socializing and to give one another support and encouragement. Truly a feast – for the senses!! Before the main event happens, the little ones play together center court throwing balls and sparkly objects, riding 3 wheeler tyke trikes, chasing each other around and generally having good fun!  The teenagers socialize and flirt (not only before the event but during and after, too!) and  folks in genera fill themselves up with tamales, tortillas, tacos, carnitas, fruta, hamburgueses, helado (ice cream), pastels (pastries) palomitas de maiz (popcorn), jugo (juice), maíz en la mazorca (corn on the cob) salted and slathered in mayonesa – and the list goes on!!!  The intermingling aromas, the laughter and sharing, the bright clothing of locals in their Sunday dress up – it all adds up to a MUST DO and enjoyable time every Sunday we get the chance!  Once we heard a popular Mexican pop star with a country music flare and so many teenagers were dressed in jeans, plaid shirts, cowboy hats and bandanas tied around their throats.  There are often long boring speeches (at least boring to us because we can’t understand them!) and frequently there is a clown telling jokes and making the niños squeal in delight!  We have heard 10-12 year olds playing violins, boy choirs, horn bands, string choirs and ballad singing. This past Sunday there were easily forty pequeñitas dresses in pink tutus with butterfly wings as well as traditional folk dancers of all ages in bold mixed colors.  There is no doubt locals and vacationers alike love this event!

Beforehand we had our cena(dinner) at Bandido’s Restaurant Bar.  This is an extremely popular spot just blocks from La Cancha and the waterfront and next to their town church (which is overflowing out the door on Sunday evenings for Mass).  This is a big “Go To” spot to watch any international sporting event as well as they have live music and salsa dancing most nights.

We had guacamole and their signature table side smoked tomato salsa prepared in a Molcajetes (a large mortar and pestle made from volcanic stone and often used to prepare Mexican food, particularly salsas) Lindsey and I shared mahimahi “molcajetes” served steaming hot also in a molcajete (options are beef, chicken, fish and shrimps).  Bill had camerones (shrimp), some tequila and margaritas were consumed and the evening crowning flan was light and satisfying!!

Consistently rated the best restaurant in Zihuatanejo on Trip Advisor, consistently OUR number one favorite dining experience every year while we are in town – usually at least twice, and our son’s proclaimed Best Restaurant in the World – is Tentaciones.

High atop a sloped hill, a very steep driveway straight up, this jewel is almost unseen.  The property is a stunning architectural paradise in design features and landscaping, housing four guest rooms and boasting a nearly 300 degree view of Zihuatanejo Bay including La Ropa Beach and the teaming hill town surrounds.  There is nothing like it.  And if you think the view is not to be matched – the impeccable service, outstanding and creative pre fix menu is astoundsing. They take the very best of what their region has to offer (an echo of the architectural philosophy) and “elevate it into a truly sublime offering, in a hillside location where time stands still. (www.tentacioneshotel.com).  

We joined Dallas and Bob on Monday at this amazing oasis on their last night before returning home and to celebrate her birthday.  We are always warmly greeted by the very good looking and extremely humble and engaging manager, Salvador, who without fail makes us feel like a member of his family.  As the sun sets in a rainbow display of colors and night falls, the town sparkles in the distance and course after course arrives at the table delivered by several attentive staff contributing to an evening that unwinds on many levels.  We think everyone should experience this dining experience!

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  1. great capture of the essence of Zihua and the highlites that keep us coming back. Minor correction…”Beforehand we had our cent (dinner) at Bandido’s Restaurant Bar.”” it should be cena …. carry on!! Love you!!

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