Sunday Switcheroo

February 10, 2019

We arose ahead of our sun and relished the coolness of predawn and the gradual transition out of twilight as we trekked up La Ropa Road to meet our Canadian friends, Marge and Ted. They arrived yesterday afternoon and we decided to spend a little time with them in a morning walk before our daughter arrives after noon. We had a brief and great catch up, walked a few miles, culminating in shared breakfast at Margarita’s, a popular locals’ restaurant.

Today we move to our third Mexican home-away-from-home this time around, and so we needed to pack up and say our farewells to Joël, his staff and the two Dachshund mascots, Chanel and GiGi.

No small heft up a portion of La Ropa Road and a right turn onto the cliff-face-steep Calle running in front of Cinco Sentidos, and huff and puff, we arrived! At least at their front gate!! We had fifty more steps to our room yet before we knew it we had earned our opportunity to settle in once again.

Cinco Sentidos translates to “five senses” and it truly is a paradise. There are only five rooms nestled into the hill boasting views of Zihuatanejo Bay, each with its own soaking tub on their also Bay facing patio. Athough constructed up high, one can still hear waves crashing onto shore and get lost in famous, stunning sunsets. Guests also have a gorgeous, shared infinity pool complete with a submerged bench and accompanying above water table – making reading whilst soaking a reality to look forward to and also a bed suspended over pool’s edge by ropes, outfitted with cushions and a sun protective canvas canopy! Gourmet breakfast is served daily, prepared lovingly by proprietor, Araceli and her sister, Maribelle.

They are Mexican yet Araceli’s English is impeccable, her personality fun, gregarious and adventuresome and as we have been staying with her nearly a decade, she has truly become a dear friend! This is also the place we met Ted and Marge who have a stay here later in the month, Walt and Julie from Seattle who arrive later this week and Bob and Dallas from Laguna Beach, California- now Montana (and proud new owners of a Troncones condo!). Rooms here are so inviting and generous, plus specially made guacamole and petite cervezas await us always in the fridge!

Billfish and I took the local “Combi” through rural neighborhoods to pick Lindsey up at the aeropuerto – so excited to see her!! img_0864

We had another fabulous dinner at Baditos and fun at the Sunday night family gathering at the basketball court in town. More about those later!! The internet is so limited here that I will switch to specific topics instead of my daily journal regurgitations. Some of you are probably thrilled about that!! img_0860

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  1. Looks like the heaviest luggage you two have is the wine!😄🍷

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    1. I guess I never did reply to this from a couple of years ago – so sorry!! I know I read your post at the time though and appreciate your kind words!

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