Zihuatanejo Sailfest

February 5, 2019

“Vacation” manifests for me in many ways. I know some of you are probably thinking, “yeah, like you’re always on it!” Okay, that’s fair! What can I say – it’s a priority!! For the most part I like to stay physically and culturally active and a primary goal is to discover and learn. Bill is a professional in conducting considerable pre trip research and I call him my Trip Advisor Department Guru! That research ALWAYS includes amazing establishments for dining, with a high percentage being reflective of whatever region we are in. He knows of celebrated bands who might be in town and in fact, often we travel just to see a favorite entertainer in a new venue! He uncovers the hidden (and some not so hidden) speakeasy, seasonal celebrations, hands on experiences and exciting activities.

Here in Zihuatanejo we have taken a cooking class, rented hobie cats, gone deep sea fishing, commandeered kayaks to explore a lagoon, hopped on city busses or the “pasahara” (little flatbed trucks) to yet undiscovered destinations, rented bicycles, watched local soccer and baseball games, gone inland birdwatching and to enjoy a meal prepared by locals of a tiny mountain village – and we will go inland again in a couple of weeks to a town we have been wanting to visit for some time, Patzcuaro. Once at a weekly farmer’s market we we were among thirty or so people thrilled to happen upon an impromptu performance by the Incredible, Talented and Acclaimed Rodrigo y Gabriella!!! Unfortunately we seem to end our “vacation” In Zihuatanejo just before Guitar Fest each March, yet still ponder catching that some future year since their scheduled entertainment is always top drawer.

We have managed however, to overlap the Zihuatanejo Sailfest. Zihua Sailfest is a supremely well organized, popular and successful annual sailing event attracting sailors from around the world. A six-day festival every February, (this year from 2/4-11) “that combines fun and games, heart-felt volunteerism and an outpouring of international friendship. Although the tone of the event is light-hearted the cruisers’ and landfolks’ goals are serious…. TO RAISE FUNDS FOR THE EDUCTION OF ZIHUATANEJO’S POOREST CHILDREN.

Fun Rally, Boat Parades, Concerts, Dances, Auctions, Chili cook-off, Street fair, School tours and so much more, make this a wonderful event. For more information: porlosninos.com” (From their Facebook page). A couple of years ago we partook of a Sailfest sponsored concert with Toronto friends, Marge and Ted plus Seattle buddies, Julie and Walt and had a most enjoyable evening! We love seeing all of the sailboats anchored within Zihuatanejo Bay, plan to hit the chili cook off again this Thursday and for the first time, we made a donation reserving our spot on a sailboat for the “Sail Parade” traveling around Zihua Bay and then to Ixtapa and back from 9 am to 2 pm! The fleet “dresses ship” for a colorful procession. I truly am feeling a bit guilty knowing we will be sailing in toasty high 80’s temps while our hometown has been inundated with record breaking inches of snowfall, predicted to continue several more days… There is definitely something to the concept of vacationing in warm climates when one’s residence is experiencing “winter”.

Of course while “vacationing” there is a component of relaxation, yet frankly it is very difficult for me to sit still for very long. When I can override that tape in my head admonishing and urging me to be relentlessly productive, I thoroughly LOVE to read and weave baskets! Today was one of those days (after our mile and a half walk to Carmelita’s for breakfast and then the two miles back along Playa Principal and on the newly improved “lovers walk” beside Playa Madera!!) I had the balance of today for a fresh, new weaving project and stolen moments absorbed in tropical bird songs and excellent fiction!

We had a fabulous dinner at Coconuts – as usual, a long time standing favorite, with polished waiters, white tablecloths and table side flambés (though we did not partake in the latter).

Ahhh, Mexico!

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  1. Can’t wait to join you in Zihau! We learn so much from your posts and hope to visit some of your favourite haunts. Keep it coming. Seeing as we’re missing most of Sailfest, we’re thinking of going into town Sunday to take in the last day or so. Any idea as to what’s happening then? See you soon. Ted

    1. Wrap up beach party from 3-6 (I sent you an email).

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