Super Bowl Sunday Fiesta!

February 3, 2019

Today we bid a lingering adios to The Inn at Manzanillo Bay, our amigos and to Tranquilo Troncones. It’s on to Zihuanteno – what we have always considered a “sleepy little fishing village” yet in comparison – a happening place! In fact, we had to make a “reservation” to watch the Super Bowl tonight at La Perla, one of our favorite beachside hangouts and one of the handful of venues to air the Big game. We will be joining our friends Bob and Dallas, and coincidentally enough, a couple we met the other day seated next to us at breakfast, hailing from Ferndale, Washington! Bob even secured us squares on the betting board (a pool paying winners based on the quarter and game ending scores) much appreciated! img_0625Belem’s cousin Jason happened to be our cab driver, and since he has lived most of his twenty years in Minnesota, he spoke excellent English and our forty minute ride was delightful!

We are trying a new accommodation this time, Casa Iguana – about a block from Playa La Ropa (the beach). Our grounds are a virtual jungle of broad leaf tropical plants and we were heartily greeted by proprietor, Frenchman Jöel. His French accent was endearing and as host he was was enthusiastic and gregarious in his colorful, plastic, round circle glasses, full torso apron, Birkenstock clad white socks and Andy Warhol haircut (which he identified for me when I complimented him)! What a treat! We have a bit of a kitchenette with character outside in our nook-like patio and a most comfortable room decorated sparsely in local decor.



The Mexicans love their family beach time come weekends so there is general crowding we have come to expect. Monday is a holiday also and we were a bit taken aback by the numbers splashing in the surf, digging sand, strolling, parasailing and sipping on beachside beverages – not to mention consuming comidas (eating) along Playa La Ropa. It’s great to be part of the Fun In The Sun!

We met Bob and Dallas in La Perla at our reserved table, as well as their compatriots, Jane and Rick. We clinked glasses, noshed a variety of Mexican fare and watched the Super Bowl with the other football fans. And we even won the pool for third quarter and the final!! Great first day in Zihua! img_0627

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