Bye Bye Barcelona

September 26, 2018

Being American was kind of rare on the Camino, and somewhat so in Barcelona. Many people do however speak English. This can serve to make one lazy in regards to speaking the local language, yet Bill and I truly try – and actually fare quite well.  Lindsey studied Spanish throughout her junior high and high school years, minored in Spanish Language in college, and lived in Argentina for a year – so she’s damn fluent, albeit with an Argentine accent! I have to admit, it’s somewhat embarrassing to speak only one language well when so many people we meet abroad speak At Least two languages – if not four or five! We find many folks who Love to practice their English. A favorie that I hear – Bye Bye!!

Our last morning in Spain had My Gorgeous and Lovable daughter (who is Still My Baby, but not really My Baby anymore at age 30) and me gallivanting off to another wedding dress fitting. Surprisingly enough, the dresses are less expensive here (even in Paris) and if she were to have one made in Barcelona and choose to pick it up, the duty charge reimbursement of 23% would pretty much pay for the airfare to do so! Same cool l’Eixample neighborhood as the other designer apartment studio, same cool tile floor and same excellent customer service!!

We popped into a café a couple of doors down from our hotel on our way back and picked up some bocadillas and café Americano, tea and café con leche. We then commenced to packing. We took the bus as a trio, past Las Arenas  (bull fighting stadium), Plaza España and out to the airport. We accompanied Lindsey to her gate for a flight back to San Francisco via Oakland out of terminal 2 and said our heartfelt Farewells. Then we navigated our LONG way back to terminal 1 where we caught our flight to Paris – a choice purely based on proximity to the airport for our return flight tomorrow. Our Holiday Inn Express was bare bones so we hit up the hotel next door where Bill’s research indicated a decent restaurant. €33 for a buffet dinner – What-What??!?! We had a burger (for Bill) and omelette (me) dinner in the bar with some cocktails and a bottle of vino tinto and concluded our evening with our cribbage. I won, but am behind 6 – 9… Tomorrow we head “home” which sounds kind of weird because I truly feel like a nomad.

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