One Foot in Front of the Other

August 22, 2018

Today was a grueling day of much of the same scenery (wheat fields as far as the eye can see) upon the same dusty, gravel walkways.  I am embarrassed that I am not turned on by the vistas of my wonderful opportunities – but alas, some days, particularly today, I am not.

The lovely Refugio that I stayed at last night didn’t allow departure until 6:30 and the Italian threesome that started bustling about at 5:40 occupied every avenue, so finally at 6:40 I got out and past them, clear and solo walking most of the day again.

I did catch up to some of the folks we enjoyed hanging with our earlier days – Daly and his mom, Celia from Australia- and Emma and Brandon, also from Australia (yet living a year in mid Canada) – but mostly I kept trekking through  the little towns of Villamayor del Rio, Belorado, Tosantos, Villambistia, Espinosa del Camino,  Villafranca, the Long Grilling Slog through and to San Juan de Ortega until I finally arrived 7 hours, 22.3 miles and 35.9 kilometers later to the town of Agés.  Man-o, Man-o!!!l!!!

At several of the afternoon trailways we happened upon lovely purple heather and wooded walkways, but mostly it was unshaded, ugly clear cut.  The descent into Agès was phenomenal though, with an astounding 360 degree view and looming clouds.  I was praying that it would rain on me – and eventually it did – just as my laundry was due to pack in, albeit briefly.  I enjoyed my best meal yet – a big, hot bowl of green beans, followed by huevos fritos, “black sausage” and watermelon.  Happy to bed by 8:30!!!

Tomorrow I will get up and do it again!

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  1. Looking at your pictures, I often want to reach out & touch the old walls, the sunflowers, etc & just feel the history.

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