Onward Christian Soldiers

August 20, 2018

Today we had an easy 16 kilometer (10 miles) walk from Ventosa to Azofra. HA!! It’s all so relative, right?!?!! We had some hills, but quite “gentle”. We had some sun and little shade, though leaving before sunrise had us 10.2 kilometers into Nájera by 9:00 where we stopped an hour for a leisurely café con leche break (we knew we had a “short” day) so the temperatures were very enjoyable.

We continued to stroll upon dirty, dusty walkways through abundant vineyards decked out in branches LADEN with grapes.” Our last 5.8 kilometers were shared with Pau from the Spanish interior near Valencia. He was injured so we REALLY took our time and still arrived in the tiny town of Azofra before the Municipal Albergue opened. We had a refreshing adult beverage and still arrived first to enjoy a nice shower, pick of the clothes drying lines and the afternoon to bask in the lovely sun within the tranquil courtyard surrounding a fountain. One of the reasons that we chose this destination today was because we were able to get individual rooms with only two beds for just €10!

And our buddy Blaine, from South Carolina and with whom we spent days one an two arrived to stay in our chosen albergue, too!!! Ahhh, life on The Camino…!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Moxness says:

    Two beds to a room! No bunk beds! Such luxury! Enjoy. Great photos!


  2. Barb Libo says:

    From what I have read and studied about the Camino, getting a room with only 2 beds, sounds wonderful for you!
    Have a good evening…
    (even if I am late in writing this, I meant the same thing on the day that I read it…) Thank you for sharing your journey….


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