A Hill Is A Hill Is A Hill Is A Hill

August 16 &17, 2018

Unlike my previous two Caminos, this time I feel less compelled to add to the amazing history that I am experiencing along the way. Or to be truthful, less “able”. Partly because walking with one friend doesn’t really allow me the “free time” to research and embellish. This seems contrary given the sheer numbers and subsequent interactions with more people in my past two adventures – yet it is what it is!

Actually, I am finding it difficult to even keep up with the writing of this blog between our finding of a place to stay, our personal chores of washing and hanging our clothes – as well as showering – and then getting something to eat. Dixie and I are of the same frame of mind regarding our food choices. The breakfasts provided at our albergues and even at the “bars” are all carbs – and not even that enjoyable. We usually walk with our own grocery store purchases, often a stop for café con leche three hours in and then after thirteen miles we are starving for a meal!! So we usually settle in around 3:00 and do our “pilgrim” chores and then head out for “dinner”. Most people wait until the 7:30 and later offerings of an inexpensive, three course dinner, but we would rather get to bed early instead of waiting.

The walking this last couple of days has been through farmland, olive groves and vineyards upon dusty and gravel walkways. The guidebooks and “they” say it is relatively flat – but really, its all relative. There are ALWAYS hills!! Too many of them in a ”I’m really getting tired of this” way. Many, many churches and basilicas as we trudge through the frequent medieval villages and endless awesome landscape vistas. It’s impossible to share in words or pictures the magnitude, beauty and awe that we are experiencing as we walk. It’s just all so incredible!!! It has been hot yet we have also been blessed by considerable cloud cover the last couple of days – Yahoo!!

Thursday we walked 15 miles from Obanas to Estella and today it was 18 miles from Estella to Torres del Rio.

On Thursday we passed through Puenta La Reina with its Roman bridge of six arches and stayed at a lovely parochial albergue hosted by a fun couple volunteering from Australia. We met a great new friend, Arik from Israel, who helped our walking time fly by.

Today we happened through the beginning stages of a “running of the bulls” festival in Los Arcos, seeing the local kiddos running from makeshift bulls on wheels! Youth and adults alike were dressed in white shirts, slacks and dresses with red scarves and belts. Arriving at Pata de Oca was heaven – as we were tired, had a private room with two beds and our own shower and bathroom – plus we had our laundry done!!! And, dinner was available in-house! We both had tortillas (potato omelettes) with salad and wine!! Super Bueno!!!

Oh yeah, and then there was the fountain of wine…!!

6 responses to “A Hill Is A Hill Is A Hill Is A Hill”

  1. You must be a day or two behind your friend Blaine, as he’s posting pictures from what looks like theses same areas. I was wondering how walking with one friend as opposed to a group of acquaintances was going to affect your camino. Still love seeing your pictures (and Blaine’s) and reading your thoughts. Amazing way to experience the sights & cultures.

    1. Yes, actually more challenging with one – seems U gave no time for internet!! All in all it is going great! We saw Blaine today enroute to Logroña!

  2. I love the fountain of vino tinto 🤗

    1. Another I see in which I had not “approved” your comment!! The fountain was Great!! Happy Thanksgiving- so grateful for our comradeship!!

  3. Love seeing your beautiful photos and getting the updates! It’s bringing back great memories. In a couple of days you’ll be going through Granon. I highly recommend the albergue behind the Church of Saint John the Baptist. It was our favorite place – basic place in an old church building with a shared meal. A real pilgrim experience! Hope your good weather and good friendships continue to Santiago!

  4. I have Granon on my list and will endeavor to stay at your recommended place. We did go to Torres del Rio given your itinerary, though the place you stayed at was closed. We loved where we stayed – especially because they did our laundry & the bar was in-house!!

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