Easy, Peasy – Says Who?!??

August 12, 2018

Today we walked from Roncesvalles to Zubiri, 13.9 miles. Though the guidebook touted this as an easy, flat day, there were still enough hills to make me want to toss the guidebook (at the very least call the authors “liars” under my breath…), cry and near the end, shuffle my feet. Dixie felt similarly and we were both more than ready to end our day after the sun heated the last three exposed miles of extremely steep downhill, riverbed type terrain to 87 degrees, our legs felt like jelly and our feet were tender and sore.

We opted for an upgrade to a private room with two beds and a shower/bathroom in Pension Zubiaren-Etxea before crossing the bridge into town – heaven!! We showered, had some vino and tapas in town and enjoyed our quiet time! Three days down about forty to go…

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