Seville, A City to Love, The City of My Heart!!!

April 28, 2018 31393A5D-72FC-46CF-B404-207198EDBA65

I loved Lisbon, Portugal!! The tiled sidewalks everywhere, the amazing vistas from so many viewing points, the passion of the people, the history, the overcoming of so many epic obstacles, the colors, the the diversity of ethnicities coming together, the seafood, the spectacular landscape and countryside!!! 1031AF61-9067-4813-B2D3-37B8188880CC

Now that I am in Seville, Spain, I see so many similarities in all that I noted above, and in every case, I find that I enjoy each aspect considerably more here in Southern Spain. In other words, as much as I loved Lisbon, I find that I adore Seville a hundred times more!




I wanted to revisit Seville as I enjoyed it so much last year. It is the place that I fell in love with the Flamenco dance! And, I thought that I would be able to relax the sight seeing a bit as I felt I was very familiar with this city from my previous visit. I envisioned saying “hello” to places that I remembered enjoying and just flat out falling into step with my memories and adding some new ones. 742924F0-2AE3-45AE-9E2B-75FA720C1DFF



Well!! Though I am not very far from where I stayed in 2017, I seem to be in a whole different stratosphere!! Two full days now, and only this afternoon did I run across an area that I covered in my journey last year – The Cathedral. In fact, as I wandered there today, I happened upon a free concert and only then did it dawn on me that it was Saturday! No wonder there were throngs of people! The vibe was hip and happy and I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be exactly where I was – where I am!!!



Honestly, I was overcome with tears many times today as I felt the gratitude of this life I am living, The new places I am seeing and the new people that I am meeting – the joy I am experiencing and appreciation for my health and wellness. The fact that I wake up every morning – and LIVE!!! And that I have so many opportunities to enjoy this wonderful journey!! I have also been thinking much and often of my mother this entire month of traveling. She would have so enjoyed to be a part of this and would have loved all of the color and artistry and history – I know she would have. I so wish for my family and friends to embark upon adventures outside of their every day life – It’s such an incredible planet that we live on! Not that one is unable to create adventure in their own backyard – that is very worthy. Jobs and families are important and making the most of what we all have sometimes means limitations. Truly though, there are so many amazing travel deals available these days as well as very creative ways to combine travel with other obligations. It’s an amazing and big world we live in! 07766DBB-61CC-432A-9854-F3742BE7FCFA



So that’s it for now – because, I am enjoying an early evening of olives, bread with olive oil, and a few vegetables! Oh, and some Vino Tinto – excellent!! Buenas Noches! img_3150



4 responses to “Seville, A City to Love, The City of My Heart!!!”

  1. Robbi, your enthusiasm is contagious! I am getting even more excited about visiting Lisbon, Sintra & Seville because of you sharing your experiences. Thank you a thousand times!

  2. So glad you feel that way! I hope that you will en joy and find your own special heart felt places of memories.

  3. Viva Seville!!! I feel and visualize your passion in every word you pen. Life is to short not to indulge in its banquets. Enjoy Robbi ❤️🍷

    1. HA – getting around to responding a little late…!! I so love the time you took to share so often with me and to support my adventure with your enthusiasm! I am Very Happy that you felt my very REAL Passion in my words!! Indeed life is too short not to indulge in its banquets and YES, Viva Seville!!!!

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