Mud, Mud and more Mud!!

April 7, 2018

Day 2 on The Camino

Today we walked 13 1/2 miles in slippery, sloppy mud, up (and down) extremely steep hills – many of which were like boulder filled creek beds and often on concrete, as well as in the woods.

Thankfully we again escaped the forecasted rain!! Our course today would have probably been asking for injury had it been raining. We started out before daylight and continued the morning into fog.

We saw much of the same gorgeous village sights and though the terrain was very challenging, it was a successful and enjoyable day!

We traveled out of Grado through the villages of Acebedo, La Vénta, La Reaz, over the Rìo Narcea, through Sobrerriba – had lunch in Cornellana, walked through Llamas, Quintana, over the Rìo Nonaya, through the towns of La Debesa, Villazón and ended up at El Ray Casto Albergue in Salas. This castle view is from our window!’

img_1691-1From the Northern Caminos guide book: “Although Queen Urrace granted a castle here in 1120, the town wasn’t founded for another 250 years. It promptly became a major stopping point on the Camino”

Man my legs are sore!!

5 responses to “Mud, Mud and more Mud!!”

  1. another great post my dear, your photos represent a novel of the journey, keep um up. Hope your battery holds thru the day. Maybe your 8.6 leg day after tomorrow will allow your legs to catch-up on rest…..buen camino

  2. Love, love, love the photos! Just beautiful ❤

  3. Sorry for the rain. Sounds like Seattle ☔️. I love your pictures, especially the horses! We had one lovely, sunny day in Walla Walla, then back to wind & rain.
    Stay safe.

  4. I also love your pictures!! So many more animals today too! & I really cannot believe that church view was from your window!!! INCREDIBLE!

  5. Robbi…such an action packed day. I am so impressed with your pictures and feel like you are taking us all on a lifetime journey. What fun times👍🏽👍🏽❤️💋

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