Sometimes moving forward is Circuitous

Sunday, April 1st

So I am on the airplane – A Boeing 787 Dreamliner (!!!!!) and we are flying over Canada.  Soon Hudson Bay will be to the south and shortly we will fly over Greenland!  I am about 3 hours into the flight, reading, quite relaxed (after planning trip minutia until last night and working on practical stuff like bill paying and calling credit card companies even this morning) and  suddenly I am overwhelmed with Amazement and Gratitude for the Adventure that I am on!!!!  Not only am I on an incredible airplane flying over mountains, countries and oceans bound for London, I am traveling solo and I am making this happen!!!  I AM DOING THIS!!! 

(My inflight map)

B1E8EAB3-9B0B-41B5-A5CF-A5E9FEA43014Of course execution would be nearly impossible without the love, support and encouragement of friends and family and without the tips and motivation from those who have gone before me, but man, I am in action and it is truly breathtaking!!!!  And I am psyched and happy and excited!!!


Backtracking to earlier today, It was an airport encounter unlike any other I have experienced.  I was bummed that I didn’t get a walk in before heading to the airport but after going through the INSANE Disneyesk zig zaggy security line for 20 minutes and walking the mile out to the very last A gate, I let myself off the hook…  Realizing at the Norwegian gate that with seat 8c I would be one of the last to board, I had concern about there being space for my backpack.   I reminded myself that 8 is my favorite number and, things were going to be what they were going to be, and that everything was going to be all right.


It was another zoo of lines with three different flights boarding at the same time and the end of those lines overlapping.  Once my ticket was scanned and I was through the door, it was a switchback of ramps leading to a holding area with no plane!!  I was a couple of ramps up from the exit to outside, but there were plenty of people behind me so I then felt confident about my baggage bin opportunities – albeit much like a sheep standing there a good 10 minutes before the line moved.  Ultimately we shuffled out to a bus filling to standing room only and cruised our way BACK that mile I had walked from Security to gate A20!!  WTF??  Then it was a random outpouring of humanity into another line to go up (more switchback) ramps to the aircraft!  Why in the heck did they have us queue up in row order?!?!    My seat was two steps from the entry door and my seat mate was already there.  The seat between us didn’t fill so not only did my backpack have a generous home, so did my outstretched legs when I chose to unfurl them!!!  Plus “Gabe” was delightful and friendly AND heading out to walk his first Camino!!!!!!!!!  Obviously we had lots to chat about!!   He attends Evergreen College and is actually enrolled in a credit class of preparation, concluding in the walking of the Camino Frances! Yippee!


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  1. Your favorite number seat assignment & sitting next to a first time pilgrim. What a nice gift from the universe after your long airport ordeal. You’re off to a good start!

  2. I see thou for your walk in. Maybe not the way you envisioned. 🙂

    1. My comment should have said, “I see you got your walk in.”

  3. Yes, all of this is so silly & so perfect too!! Glad you’re on board now (after a good walk) & en route (next to a new camino friend)!

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