Turning The Corner

So Hallelujah! I turned the corner and I am no longer in what seemed to be an unreasonable, post adventure funk!!! Here is a comment posted on my blog: “Who would think that after an epic life journey, sadness would follow, but it also makes sense! How did you turn the corner?”IMG_7002Well, I am sure that having not a couple, but several, cold symptoms contributed to my feeling low. Low on energy and enthusiasm as well as focus. Also, I rarely get sick, so I believe there was some denial/disbelief and even self berating I engaged in for not taking better care of my immune system, which I take seriously and believe I am highly in control of.  I still have a plugged up right ear, but mostly I am now “back to normal”.IMG_6766Maybe other contributing factors to my “blues” were leaving behind the “given” that each day would be a series of unknowns unfolding who knows how – the excitement and curiosity of what lay ahead and beyond and the butterflies in my stomach as to whether I could bring whatever it would take to meet the challenges presented to me, as well as the subsequent satisfaction of “bringing it” and continuing to move forward in and to a challenging goal…?

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t have a set schedule to propel me into “automatic pilot” until I could engage and fire on all cylinders…? Maybe (most assuredly) it was because I went from walking miles and miles a day to very little physical activity.IMG_3031Sometimes figuring out the underlying reasons and the problem at hand, is the most logical way to solve a conundrum. And sometimes its just getting oneself back into a groove that is a proven recipe for success. I didn’t consciously set my sights on either, but my “Way Marker”, my “Yellow Arrow” pointed me (took me by the hand) in the most advantageous direction.IMG_6861My Camino pilgrimage and sightseeing adventure in Spain combined most of the components of what thrills me – discovery, travel, challenge, newness, learning, courage, fitness, growth, nature, beauty, great people, ruggedness, adaptability, passion, purpose – as well as huge banks of time to devote to a purpose, and the opportunity/ability to have fun and enjoy the process and journey. I also treasured the luxury to just walk all day – which I love, and to meditate, commune, pray to and walk with God.IMG_3752So I tapped in to the pieces of that formula at hand, here in the Pacific Northwest, here in K Town and within me. I got my butt off the couch!! I got back out into the budding, blooming, gorgeousness of spring that is ablaze around me!! I carved out time for the gym and for the long walks that were so dear to me when “The Camino” was a future goal, yet unplanned and when I cherished my time with God to enjoy this amazing corner of the world that I live in and to pray for humanity and the ones I love and those who need love and prayer. I renewed the passion that had just receded a bit, but that was ready to guide my daily journey of gratitude, joy and living in the moment. This moment – MY moment – the moments right here in front of me. Hallelujah!!!

I WILL go back on a pilgrimage, I have no doubt. In the meantime, I will endeavor to enjoy my “camino” wherever I go. In fact, I bought me a “way marker” in Santiago de Compostela and I am taking it with me when walking on my home turf!  It’s kind of silly, but I am posing it along my journey – for fun, to remind myself to look for “the way”, and just because I think its COOL!!  And, I guess it feels like I’m still connected to “The Camino”…

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