Barcelona Beach Day

May 10th

Today, 100% my plan was to go to the beach! I gathered all my belongings, Including goodies I had bought at the market the day before, and set out to go there. I took a circuitous route, because it was cloudy, and there were a couple of areas that I wanted to hit that I had previously missed.

So I went to the Santa Catarina Market (awesome!) & got even more goodies for my beach hang out! While I was there, I happened into a leather store and bought some shoes and a belt! IMG_8474I had to wait an hour for the shoes to be stretched out for me, so I meandered over to the Santa Maria Del Mar Church which was very beautiful (and crowded with school kids). Oh, and the Barcelona Cathedral has resident geese, too!!IMG_8647

It took me a couple of hours to get to the beach by foot but it was so wonderful and beautiful to observe and enjoy!

Unfortunately, out of all of my sunny days-this was probably the most cloudy, so I had a sweatshirt on most of the time.  Still, I had a lovely picnic in front of Barcelona’s version of Arnold’s Venice (muscle) Beach (my comparison) and a wonderful stroll along the boulevard! There were many opportunities to get massage along the beach but I was more into the People Watching!! This is definitely a happening place in Spain!

It was another long day of walking that I thoroughly enjoyed!!
And though there were some “must see” spots I missed, I consoled myself with knowing that I can come back, and maybe I’ll even buy a book on Antoni Gaudi’s works on Amazon…

So, just because I could and because I wanted to, I went to yet another flamenco show, this time at Los Taranto. Opened in 1963 on the iconic Plaça Reial in the heart of the Gothic Quarter where I was staying, this tablao is one of the oldest flamenco venues in Barcelona.

And I was once again thrilled and transfixed the entire time. I have to admit though, the first show that I caught in Seville was my favorite and the best value for my investment.

It’s really quite astonishing to me to reflect that I’ve been gone over a month and to realize all that I have accomplished and seen. What a gift!!! I do have to admit I am ready to come home!!!IMG_8645

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