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Day 18, Day 11 on the Camino

Another 6:30 start, but with a 19 mile, 9 hour day and several of the usual fueling stops, including one not even 40 minutes in, it was an extremely long day.. We had some grueling uphill out of the River Mino Valley in the hot, HOT sun, which did not abate.

We did stop at Very Cool enclave, Casa Cesar,IMG_6914.JPG
where our host entertained us with homemade pastries and homemade wine.


We also enjoyed a “Menu Perigrino” at a pulperia in the town of Cea. I will note here that on the way out of town we passed a “bread monument” which several in our group were excited about☀️!!.

Also, even though much of the walk was under the direct sun, we had incredible portions through the forest which reminded me of hiking at home. We finally arrived at our albergue, “Montosorio de Oseira” ( in a little town (Oseira) in time for a quick shower, a fascinating tour of the monestory and Vespers. Even though we were pooped – we managed to muster up a meal at one of the two little bars in town before hitting the sack for some much needed rest!!!

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