Day 6 – Palm Sunday

It has been very enjoyable wandering around the center of Zamora – so many ancient buildings!  This was a walled city with a castle centuries ago and some of that enclosure still remains.  In fact, we look at a bit of the wall outside our Airbnb.  We could also see last night’s Palm Sunday Procession from our veranda as we are adjacent to one of the squares.  The hundreds of walkers, including many children carrying palm fronds joined by purple hooded marchers were led by a military band playing trumpets, and there was much clanging of bells!!  At the parade’s end was a huge float carrying a painted statue type depiction of Jesus on a donkey.

We are having such wonderful weather and I am now  joined by some fun new friends, adding more color and flavor to this most exciting journey of mine!  And two brothers collaborated to make a most delicious paella for our dinner!!

2 responses to “Day 6 – Palm Sunday”

  1. Those structures built up off the water on those rocks are beautiful! Great shots! Keep up the good blogging work, I’m loving reading about your adventures!

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